Knuckles rampage?

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Has knuckles gone mad?
He's killing every-one in sight!!
But he has a good reason, he whasheld hostage
by the govermont for some reason... I am going to make
a second but it will take a bit longer because I do have OTHER
things to do!! I hope you enjoy the masacure! =)

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lol i know this

its a parody of thing thing 1

Respect, but...

Oh yeah!
The Boss is super easy.


not bad, pretty good overall but you could have put a bit more detail in the people and graphics but other than that good job

kingseb990 responds:

Thanks mate.
I do agree with that, but I just enjoyed making all the killing and stuff...! =)


It was alright, but the death selection was a let down.

kingseb990 responds:

People say it's crap, others sayy it whas a good part!
So that's just your matter of opinion!
But thanks for the score!


not bad, but you should work a little on the graphics. and i think you should have used Shadow for killing everyone :P

kingseb990 responds:

Shadow? I do know what you mean but that's the point of the movie!! Why is Knuckles killing a whole company? Is it even Knuckles? It could be Shadow in a diguise! For gods sake it could be Sonic or Amy or Tails even! Or it could really be just a dream! (If I wanted to pick a crappy ending!) So there, it may even be Shadow!
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Should'nt Shadow | Answered
be killing everyone? |