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Most of these parts were just trying to hard to be funny using old worn out cock jokes. I see what Stamper meant when he said about the mass horde of shit submissions. I know people will say "id like to see you do better" and that bullshit, but i think this really was one of the worst collaborations ive seen in a long time.
I watched all the hidden animations and i would of preferred them to be in the main sequence over some of the other rubbish that was in there. To think these were some of the best that were sent in. Makes me wonder if disc 2 will even be worth watching.

ps. Feel free to mark this as useless, its still a lot more helpful than "OMG I LOVE FUCKING STAMPERS PART LOL AND COCK JOKES".

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DragonDragon was deeply disappointed

For a flash that had a great preloader and had a quite a few good parts with great animation - I was very very disappointed...
No concept, no smooth storyline, and really really bad humor.
This sucked real badly. I did not even bother watching till the end - I watch even really crappy videos till the end. But this was way too long! Nothing to keep people intersted enough so they would keep on watching. If you expect a bunch of random short parody animations of Metal Gear Solid to be anything of interest then you are wrong.
Many artists make great master pieces by putting their heads together and not their behinds. Some jokes here are inapprioate and even disturbing - and not in a way that makes the crowd cheer, only confused.
Try to make better videos by actually thinking of a good storyline, and not just random crap. I was hoping for some amazing Metal Gear Solid video that would really make me laugh, instead I have to use my vote, rating and review to show how much of a waste of my time that was.
No zeros for the nice animation every once in a while.

...kinda.. homo-erotic.

So much penis.. and masturbation jokes.... wtf were you thinking?

Sorry but...

Metal Gear Funnies was obviously superior compared to this. No offense but Metal Gear Solid parody videos have gotten very old. This one had more gay and cock jokes than even Metal Gear funnies had. All the clips here were obviously copied off of Egoraptor, so there's 0 originality in here whatsoever. I'll give a 2 for graphics, but that's pretty much all I see in this. Better luck next time. Hopefully you guys will make something original :).


Only about three of these segments made me crack a smile, and these were the non explicit ones!

Honestly, can't you people make something funny that doesn't include drawing out of proportion dicks and boobs? To get a laugh you need to be subtle, not just draw a huge cock and hope that people will giggle at the lewdness of it. Also the voices were awful on some of them, I know this is a parody and they're supposed to have silly voices but come on, you guys sounded like you just couldn't be bothered.

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Jul 5, 2008
3:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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