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Choplifter: Corporate

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We did this back in 2001 when a major company went bankrupt and left hundreds without a job. We were working on a choplifter type game at the time. This was Flash 5 in it's hey day.

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This was an awesome game back in the day. One of the best games I had on the Sega Master System. (Wow, showing my age on that one.)

The Choplifter aspect was nice, but ...

1) After an initial 10-20 seconds of stuff flying out of the building (computers & suicidals mostly, which killed some employees), I never saw anything else fall out of the building (power ups or otherwise) for the rest of the 4 min I played it.

2) When you land, you refuel, but you don't get more armor. Meanwhile, the CEO is shooting at you while you're picking up and dropping off hostages non-stop. So, eventually I died just through sheer attrition. The fact that he could shoot through the building to hit me while I was picking up hostages was annoying.

3) What's the point in getting money if you can't use it to buy upgrades ... or at least purchase more armor.

Enron sucked, Man. I was working at WorldCom, and it bought the farm hard around that time, too (although it stayed in business). I was in a department where ~3/4 of the folks got laid off. I was fortunate enough to be young and single, and took off as the s**t hit the fan, but I saw folks basically lose their shirts since they had invested so much time & money in the company (401k's, benefits, tenure, etc). It was pretty bad. But, it goes to show that you can't put your future in a corporation. You have think of yourself first.

soapcreative responds:

hey Random Dot. i'll check out if there is a bug with no armour being thrown. You cant buy upgrades as this is a small game. I might have to do a sequal which goes to different cities and different failed companies. You do get an armour bonus when you save people, although it's a little amount.

I wanted to make this game something that you won;t finish first go. I hate ot when I clock a game first go and I didnt want that with this. It's a fine line hey

Needs a bit more work...

Well, bad news first: in the intruction screen, some of the words were gone. And the demontration of the helicopter doing it's job was glitchy too...
Also, the powerups could of lasted longer. And the fuel useage could be better.
Heck, my pop's car does better MPG.
Other then that, you did a great job at the game.
The goal was reasonable.
Overall good job: 2/5 & 8/10
Just work on the things mentioned and it -might- be on frontpage.

soapcreative responds:

thnaks for the feedback. I was trying to make the game hard but Maybe I set it too hard.

The help screen was a tween bug. Ive fixed this. It happens to older files for some reason.

I have adjusted the fuel comsumption and fixed the help tweens. This should make it easier. Clear your cache


Good game, but nothing too good.

It doesn't work

As soon as I start the game, the chopper explodes(even if I press the up button it stills explodes)
It's seems like a pretty good game, but it doesn't work for me

soapcreative responds:

Weird. What flash version are you using?

mmm... good

I liked it, new and interesting. But gets boring really fast.