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3D Speedpool

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Sink all the balls as fast as you can in this 3d flash pool game. Built using that new fangled papervision thing. Hit the balls in corect sequence for a time bonus (See in the top left for the next ball to hit) and hit them into the bonus hole for big points.

Change the view with the slider on the tight, table top, ot ball cam or anywhere in the middle.

NOTE: The fullscreen play option wont work here at newgrounds, they have that setting turned off on submissions.

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Higly addictive

Great game, too bad you can't always aim precisely with the mouse, and the power of the shot is not all that poweful...

But it's an great game overall.

Couldn't it have been better?

I saw many holes in the flash that could have easily been improved to make my 6 become a 10. It could have had easier controls and many small other things. Overall its promising but not good enough to get a decent scor in my opinion. I don't think it will be collected, but then all you need to do is create a better version and you will definetely get my vote. Also pool should be a game of time, not speed so try to keep the in mind. Hope you improve because this is very promising :D

Decent, not great, but decent

I don't really feel that pool should be speedy, but it's an ok concept for a game. I like the 3D aspect to it, definitely gives the game a great feel. A couple things I would recommend to do differently;
1. Allow for use of the keyboard to aim and shoot, perhaps using the arrow keys and space bar?
2. Provide for a couple of different modes, like a skill shot mode or untimed practice mode, or perhaps a tutorial to give players a feel for the game before actually getting into it.
3. While I realize that flash is very limited in it's ability to hold true 3D graphics, perhaps you could put a highlight on one corner of the ball (yes, I realize that round objects don't have corners, you get my point anyways). It'll look better without requiring more space, as reflection from a light source won't change when the ball rolls anyway.
All in all, I can tell that you have a lot of talent with flash, and I look forward to what else you put out. This just really didn't wow me overly much.


not great:
graphics could be improved, as could some physics aspects, and the method of controlling pool stick wasn't great. More animations would have helped too.

great: stays true to pool, good point system, hard but not too hard, fun.

Overall pros easily weigh out cons, so good job.

mfennell responds:

cheers. The graphics are all thrue 3d so it has to be a little chunky as flash cant handle it more detailed

ok i gess

its cool but y is it timed i mean at least put a free mode for people who dont feel like going fast

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3.43 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2008
9:47 PM EDT