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Truth of toys

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Author Comments

Made this for a contest and had to rush the audio and the end as you can see. Depending on how you like this, I might might a series with the characters using the established ending. Not before continuing another series and well as my zombie flash but we'll see. Audio may be a little low and quality may be bad, im not exactly great at audio editing and yes, that was my voice the whole time. I lacked other voice actors and I think I did a half decent job lol. Enjoy.

Also, if any of oyu feel so inclined I AHEV NO IDEA HWO TO MAKE A GOOD LOOKING ICONS FOR MOVIES


and thank you for watching... yeah

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The graphics are bad, but it just makes the movie more interesting. Audio is poor. The characteristics are funny and the movie itself. But the end isn't very good plus there is no storyline.

umm my icons usually suck

but that's cuz i never spend time on 'em. usually take a frame from the movie, save it as an image, and use adobe fireworks to crop 'n' resize it to make it an icon.

Don't think about making a series just yet.

If you're serious about this, start small. Figure out what you like doing and how you're going to do it. You don't have to submit everything on Newgrounds.

There are some things you ought to improve on before you do anything ambitious.

1. Story. You introduced a whole string of characters without saying anything worthwhile about them (besides listing characteristics). Make them interesting so that we WANT to see more. Also, try to go for something original, rather than ripping off movies like Toy Story. Homages and influences are well and good, but you've taken the entire premise of that movie.

2. Animation. Solve the overlapping issue, first of all. Then, make the characters move. Mouth movement, limb movement, anything dynamic at all would be better than just having them stationary all the time.

3. Fix up any technical issues before you put it on Newgrounds. That includes the audio and the overlapping of images.

On the plus side, your drawing and voicework isn't bad.

Just trying to help.

so close

if it wornt for that ending it would deserve a 10 but still good


I liked the animation, the concept, the overall video was good. The audio however, is a bit wanting. Maybe using a better voice actor. You used the same voice for each character with a small twist to it. Put persona in your voice when you're talking for something. Video was good, the storyline was good, sound not so much.

Credits & Info

2.43 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2008
9:25 PM EDT