Extreme Burgers Happy 4th

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Happy 4th of July Baby!!!!!

I made this animation last summer, it's actually my first one ever! Sweet.
So without a further-a-do, Here's a little G-rated spice for you ;)

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on the grill yeah!

they leave the grill

Haha that's really funny!

I can't belive I hadn't seen this yet, it's stupid... but super funny! I love the fact the guy smiles when he isn't talking. Also, the faces on the hamburgers as they ran had me really laughing. Great Job!


That was awesome!!
Those burgers were fucking cool!

Cheers for using one of my tracks man, I can't believe I've only just noticed!

SuperJeffoMan responds:

Thanks bro! Your music is amazing.


Adorably funny. Also, if I had a quarter for every time that happened to me, I'd have less than 5 but more than 3 quarters.

SuperJeffoMan responds:

lol, so you would have 1000 dollars right? :P Thanks for the review dude, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Burgers should have been more... extreme.

Those burgers and their smile... should have at least had an evil smile, and had pointy teeth with blood all over them. And they should have taken over the city. Now THAT would be extreme. >:D

SuperJeffoMan responds:

hahaha, its funny because originally I was gonna add a few choatic things after the part when the BBQ guy stands there in shock with his mouth opened. For example, I was gonna have the camera cut back to a hamburger on top of a mounted machine gun fire randomly at something off screen, and then another shot of some of the hamburgers running through a mine feild. Some of the hamburgers would be off to the side, dead, with x's in their eyes and teeth marks in them, but I never got around to doing it. Thanks for the review dude :)

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Jul 4, 2008
7:03 AM EDT
Comedy - Original