Tan Tan Ma Shu

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"Ma Shu" (AKA Mochi) is a delicious dessert made by stuffing the finest beans around the softest rice dough. This is the rite of passage for the humble dessert to become the most mouth watering mochi.

Boutiqueplay is a collaborative of artists based in Taiwan. Our goal is to harness the power of flash games to bring our freshest ideas to the world. Please check us out at Boutiqueplay.com

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Nice but repetetive

The art style was clean and nice, but gameplay was dull and repetetive. The music got annoying pretty fast, too.

when it comes to games....

I think you guys are on the right track. the game was really easy to get into, and it was loads of fun. the music was awesome, the graphics are cool, and I'd like to play it again. Great job.

A Great Mochi!

++Very unique and fresh
+Gameplay is easy to target all audiences
+The theme of stuffing beans into a rice dough REALLY reinforces the main idea of Ma Shu as time flows

+/-Graphics are good, and the framerate is OK, but there is slight lag from here to there

-Gameplay is too easy
-[Enemy : Time Countdown] Ratio seems a bit skewed to more time based

Overall, Boutiqueplay has A LOT of potential and i wish that your goal succeeds in the near future! I wish you the best of luck and to continue to making great upcoming games!


Not too shabby

This is a fairly solid piece from what I've seen technically. I liked the way that the mochi eyes moved in the direction and the animations for success and failure are both fairly endearing. I also got a kick out of the vocal 'let's go!'

Some suggestions would be to take the movement animations a step further. Add some stretch and bounce to that movement to further the illusion that instead of still graphic of a steel marble with eyes we see a soft delectable mochi ball. Show us how soft the ball is. You already did a pretty good job of making the player feel bad for failing (the tears were very cute and quite motivating), take it a step further and show us how happy the mochi is at succeeding every level!

Like I said, you've got the technical aspects of the game laid out very nicely. It's not a tremendously original concept for a game though... you will need to rely on HOW you present the game to make it truly unique. That can be done through more animation and character added to the cast of players (the spike enemies and the mochi himself/herself)


This game is ok but too easy, add new types of enemies like shooting or homing enemies. They should make it harder.

Credits & Info

4.17 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2008
3:00 AM EDT
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