Numa Numa Gameboy

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Well, I had heard a remix by PixlCrushr and was instantly inspired to make this.

I thought was a pretty cool idea, no?



I think it's very cool to see my song have a flash music video, heh. It's a great one too. If I were in your position, though, I would have made the screenshots look like they have been made by Gary with the Gameboy Camera. You know, 8bit gifs with the noise set to pattern. What you did must have taken a lot of time though, and it's cool to see that I have inspired.

Wyattfilms responds:

I realy wanted to do the gameboy cam thing but i had no idea how i would get that too work. sadley :(
But yes you inspired me faster than anything else has!!!

nice 8_bit graphics

cool the GB screen does look like an GB game anyway nice idea you had also it was entertaining to listen and watch but maybe you should add a bit more dances but hey you did a great job.

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Whao. I think that Gary Brolsma would be thrilled to know that he has a game boy game about him! I found this very entertaining, but I think that you should have just pixilated and coloured the picture.

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Wyattfilms responds:

I didn't realy know what to do, i dont have very good image editing software. I had to screencap, paste in one pic editing software, edit then too another ect ect ect, then vectorise in flash D: urg it was hard lol but worth it. Hay man thanks for your review!!

almost BULLS EYE

You got the gameboy music that gives me headache ok
It looks quite realistic but the picture on gameboy is just plain big squary pixels that move. You should work on that.


Maybe its just cuz im a gamer but i like this version better than the original...anyway I would give you a 10 but the gameboy screen is a lil hard to see plus it just kinda cut off mid-song,but other than that I like it.

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Jul 3, 2008
1:39 AM EDT
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