Newgrounds: A History

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WARNING: This is not an animation. Although some parts are animated, it is, for the most of it, a slideshow. If you're looking for good animation and action, look elsewhere. I am here merely to present you with the history of Newgrounds...

This is the second version of this Flash, with new sound by master narrator Nerky!

This was probably the animation which I used the most PR work for...I asked several artists for permission for use of clips of their work(only one replied: Thanks Egoraptor!), and set up News Posts and Forum threads looking for artists to collaborate with for this project (no replies there). I finally put up an ad in the voice actors forum, and BAM! I had loads of replies...well, 2....I chose, as you can see, Nerky...

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This makes my day!

Wow, it was great to be able to learn the basic history of Newgrounds--in less than five minutes too!

One question though:

Why was the last review 3 MONTHS AGO?!

Insanimation responds:

The last review was 3 months ago because it was submitted about 3 months ago. Submissions that don't make it onto the front page don't get reviewed after the first week or so..


Where is your dignity? Why stop at 2006? Why not add clocks, locks, socks, rocks and woks? Why am I asking so many questions?

Insanimation responds:

Dignity: Bolivia
2006: History page stopped at 2006.
-ocks: i don't like 'em..
Questions: Dunno..

Good but lacking all info

This is a fun history lesson the info i know, but its good to see it in flash.

Graphics.5/10 Im sorry for the score but this looked messy, in places. The way you did Tom Fulp was odd he, looked wrid no offense. The close up looked blurry and not well done. The other bits were to hard to make out. The look was good the way you set it up later on ,for 2007. The staff were to blurry looking. The images you picked not very clear. Although it did look good in places.
Sound.5/10 Another problem was the sound you voice did not have much enthusiasm ,it sounded like you were bored. I did not meant to sound rude. The sounds had clips ,and long pauses. I suppose the lack of exciment was offputting. it sounded like you were getting, it over with. Long pauses and rushed speeched did not help.

This information is good to newbies ,and anyone for an update. The fact sare correct the begining and other years are cool. I remeber the look of 2001 and after years. The different facts are easy to find but this is good, to have a new one added.

My main complaint is the fact is only went up to 2006 ,why did you stop then? Some other fact are missing in 1999, did that not have people getting accounts. For example the highest user called Pimp. In 2003 the abusive whisle guide, was added. Why did you stop all 2006? The major changes in 2007 redesign. This lacked all the staff and other bit like awards, for flashes etc.

Ovreal an incomplete guide needing more info the stuff here was good ,but lacking all was a shame.

review request club

Insanimation responds:

Ok, well, I agree with most of what you're saying, and here is my response:

The history page on Newgrounds only goes up to 2006, and I only signed up at the start of this year, so I only know what I'm told...

I agree with you about the images, it was hard to get good images and not pixelate them. The only way I could have done that was to keep them static, and that would have been quite boring....

Not bad...

It's an informative little flash, but it does have a few issues that you could attend to to make it a much better flash. First of all, I'd break down the narrative that you've given, as it's just far too monotone and boring. You sound like a professor, already resigned to the fact that the students are falling asleep in his lectures.

Given that there are good natural breaks for the progress of Newgrounds, you could break it up and put a scene selection in for ease of use.

I'd also be careful of how much you zoom in with the screen shots of the site - it can compromise the quality of the images.

[Review Request Club]

Insanimation responds:

K, thanks for the review!

I was thinking of doing a scene selection, but I decided against it because...well..I guess I couldn't be bothered....


It's a very good attempt to put the newgrounds history into a flash. The narrator is easy to understand (even though he sounds a bit bored here and there, he) and the slideshow is done quite well.

However, I think you left out some very important parts like the redisign in 2007, or the ClockCrew (yes, they play an important role in NG history, IMO).
Also, it would have been better if you had used more "old" screenshots. For example, if you are talking about 2005 and you show a screenshot from todays newgrounds... it's a bit weird.

{ Review Request Club }

Insanimation responds:

Thanks for the review.
Well, the main reason a lot of stuff was left out of this was mainly because I was working from the History Page in Newgrounds, and that hasn't been changed since 2006 (it really needs to be)..And about the screenshots: the simplest answer is that I couldn't find any that worked for the topic that was being discussed in that year...any archive images I could find I used though....

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Jul 2, 2008
4:51 PM EDT