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Dark Sonic VS Emerl Ep2

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Author Comments

PLEASE BE PATIENT! for some reason the preloadewr wont appear until the movie is roughly 4/5ths loaded, so heads up!

another heads up, the movie gets rather messed up near the end [you'll know it wne you see it]
basically my computer was being ghay and well. . . i managed to save the bugged .swf ^^;

here it is! the second Episode of Dark Sonic VS Emerl, Sonic Unleashes his TRUE fury!

the first episode was merely a practice with sprites, in this one i've taken it a lot more seriously
(for some reason the sound quality goes bad a on point, idk why but it's short lived)

anyway, i hope you Enjoy! the second episode!

PS, i'm very sorry, but i just COULDN'T resist putting the old DBZ joke! lol

PPS, pleaze (lol, i replaced s with z) recommend this for the sonic collection! since it IS about sonic!

PPPS, how many of these am i gonna do? lol, anyway i've shoved in some flash ads, because hey, money is money!, so why not click em and stuff? *wink wink*

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For someone still starting out on Newgrounds with sprites, and the fact this was just a practice/test, it was pretty good, can't wait for more, I would have 5 starred this IF the Dark Sonic Sprite was better, the main part of Dark Sonic with all the black, looked like it had been colored in, it had looked like a shaded in grey, I know there are better sprites out there than this

flashman16 responds:

You should remember the date then I made this sprite movie, that was the best Dark Sonic sprites I could find that were actually Dark Sonic and not some dbz-lookalike

I'll bet your sprites improved flashman16.

flashman16 responds:

The sprites themselves can't improve, but perhaps the skill in manipulating them can.

its over 9000 haha I love that joke

flashman16 responds:

It is indeed a classic


flashman16 responds:

Neither can I.

plz plz make part 3 :O

flashman16 responds:

But procrastination is so much fun!