Dominus Void

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Help adopt a baby kitten, submit my game to the "puzzle games" section down and to the left on your screen, the kitten and I thank you.

This game is HARD, I have warned you. The game begins VERY basic but soon gets much harder and introduces many new, very original game-play mechanics. Stick around until at least level 10 to see some of what this game is made of. Do you have what it takes to reach the center of the void?


For the love of whatever it is that is precious to you, god, flying tacos, monkey with top hats, anything, please turn on the IN GAME TUTORIAL if this is your first time playing, it's simple, and helps you a lot. I love you too.

You can spend 200 points to SKIP A LEVEL, losing costs you 10 points each time, beating levels awards you 100 points, light orbs also give points values of 10,30 and 50.

Arrow Keys to move.

"A" to toggle between light blocks (later levels)
"S" to use the light beam (used for predicting your next move location, greater purpose in levels 13 and on)

Again, it's hard so good luck, your gonna need it :)



On a side note, 99% of the animation in this game was coded, because I can't really animate and wasn't about to pay an artist, go me.

Thanks a ton beta testers! Senti, CrazyChihuahua, Xeptic, NG-Unit , MrMacro, Myke Taylor, Jamie Wang, Lizz Gardiner and Ogre! If I missed you and you tested, you probably don't matter, and if you do, I'm incredibly sorry, remind me in a message.

Super special thanks to Francine Louis for the voice acting in this game, she did a spectacular job, that acting came form the soul, I can tell, trust me.

Lastly, there is a HALL OF FAME score board that you get to submit your name to if you can complete the main game, and all 10 challenge levels, I would LOVE to see some peoples names on there, anyone up for the challenge?


Difficult but good

This game was genuinely difficult, and you may want to balance the difficulty just a tad(perhaps lives instead of one hit one kill?) but it was genuinely well coded. Good job!

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Matt-Porter responds:

Yay, I got a good coding compliment, I love you.
I have a personal problem of being very good at games, and when I test my own levels for hours on end, the entire game seems easy to me. Anyway, I agree on the difficulty, if I make a sequel I'll plan to be a little more user friendly, perhaps an easy and hard mode with entirely different level paths. Who knows, anyway, thanks for the review, your awesome.


im currently on lvl 10 without using any skips......i want to finish without using em.........great concept, with the changing blocks....will inform you when im finished

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Matt-Porter responds:

Awesome, I await your message that informs me of you completing the game :)
Don't forget to submit the game to the puzzle games section, thanks for playing.

Awesome game.

I really loved it,the style and point of the game was awesome very puzzling and needed a lot of good timing to work the game also the gameplay and graphics we're very smooth,i could play this for hours. :)

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Matt-Porter responds:

Sweet, I for one am very happy that you liked it. Honestly, there is nothing greater to me right now then reading these reviews from you guys, and when you really appreciate what I've done, it just makes the reviews that much better. Hope to see that high score board fill up, and better yet, the HALL OF FAME that you can submit to if you complete the game 100% :)

Dominus Substance

Very, very nice game. Love these kinds of puzzles, and it had such perfect level design and difficulty curve. But it's a game you spend a bit of your afternoon on; get sucked right in. And the presentation, atmosphere and story push it over the top to making it a well-balanced game overall. Good taste in music too, and professional voice talent.

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Matt-Porter responds:

Awesome man, glad you noticed the level design. I actually spent a lot of time thinking of the learning curve. Introduce something new, start easy, get hard, something new, get hard. Once everything is introduced, use it all in a clever way and just get harder. Glad you liked the story, it was original a storyless game, but I decided it best that I add one, and I must admit I actually like what I came up with. Thanks a ton for all the compliments, I'll be sure to have Francine read your compliments about her voice acting :)

love it

got to level 8 without skippin, but thn gave up lol... great game and good idea, i like the way of having two whie blocks, but very hard when you have to plan two routes... sometimes one routes hard enuf,lol

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Matt-Porter responds:

level 8, not to bad, better then a lot for sure :)
It's one hard game, I figured people would appreciate the difficulty, glad I've been right so far. Just so you know, it gets up to, take a deep breath, 3 white blocks in a single level later on :P
Don't worry though, it's fun, and the levels are awesome, hope to see you on the high score board :)

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4.35 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2008
1:07 PM EDT
Puzzles - Sliding