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Dominus Void

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Help adopt a baby kitten, submit my game to the "puzzle games" section down and to the left on your screen, the kitten and I thank you.

This game is HARD, I have warned you. The game begins VERY basic but soon gets much harder and introduces many new, very original game-play mechanics. Stick around until at least level 10 to see some of what this game is made of. Do you have what it takes to reach the center of the void?


For the love of whatever it is that is precious to you, god, flying tacos, monkey with top hats, anything, please turn on the IN GAME TUTORIAL if this is your first time playing, it's simple, and helps you a lot. I love you too.

You can spend 200 points to SKIP A LEVEL, losing costs you 10 points each time, beating levels awards you 100 points, light orbs also give points values of 10,30 and 50.

Arrow Keys to move.

"A" to toggle between light blocks (later levels)
"S" to use the light beam (used for predicting your next move location, greater purpose in levels 13 and on)

Again, it's hard so good luck, your gonna need it :)



On a side note, 99% of the animation in this game was coded, because I can't really animate and wasn't about to pay an artist, go me.

Thanks a ton beta testers! Senti, CrazyChihuahua, Xeptic, NG-Unit , MrMacro, Myke Taylor, Jamie Wang, Lizz Gardiner and Ogre! If I missed you and you tested, you probably don't matter, and if you do, I'm incredibly sorry, remind me in a message.

Super special thanks to Francine Louis for the voice acting in this game, she did a spectacular job, that acting came form the soul, I can tell, trust me.

Lastly, there is a HALL OF FAME score board that you get to submit your name to if you can complete the main game, and all 10 challenge levels, I would LOVE to see some peoples names on there, anyone up for the challenge?

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Very good game, unfortunately, a game that depends much on reaction, more than logical thinking, is less of a puzzle game and more of a skill game.

A very good game indeed, but people need to have goood reflexes, Excellent

great job

game was hard got frustrated and quit before i could beat it but i loved the game ,and hope there is more to come. also i found the portals made it hard to time my movements but it is all part of the game.

great game

great game good to keep you occupied cheers again cant complain about it perfect

Matt-Porter responds:

Thanks a bunch, I'm actually working on a sequel on and off right now, it'll be a great improvement over the first when I finally finish it. Glad you enjoyed this one though, worked pretty hard on it.

Its so annoying and amazing at the same time!

OMG! this game is so addictive but i am going beserk! aaah!

Matt-Porter responds:

hehe, thanks a lot man, can you beat it? the later levels get pretty awesome with some really neat features. If you enjoyed this keep your eyes open for the sequel, I'm beginning production on it very soon, perhaps in class today instead of doing homework, who knows. Anyway, thanks for the high marks and for the review.