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This is a Trailer to a series called one.... i still don't know if i actually plan on going through with this but its a start. I'm still looking for ideas but I will keep you updated,

anyways the person you see in the movie is, of course, the main protagonist who never dies and eventually saves the world, same old cliche stuff... or is it?

Countries all across the world are under Terrorist attack by The New World Radicalists they are basically Pwning the rest of the world's armies with their superior weapons technology. but of course the good old underground rebellion is gonna fight the terrorist threat and hopefully save the world haha.


I agree its preview style...

It does look like a preview but dude it looks like it has a lot of potential. That stick figure looks like he can whoop so much ass. Keep it going, man! Good start.

not much happened

Has potential to turn into something. You shouldn't have stopped where you did :(

i'll wait.

what is this? a preview? i hope it is. this looks like build-up to a great new series or movie. i'll keep an eye in the top five for the video.

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It looks cool! But can u now blur images and stuff.. cos it made my head hurt = = thanks~ Good Work!

It looks great

This is something I am looking forward to. When do you plan on releasing the first episode?

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Jun 30, 2008
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