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Move with the arrow keys. Munch down 20 flies to proceed to the next level where the bees will get fiercer! Keep an eye open for some sweet powerups and try to eat as many flies as possible.

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Pretty cool, but...

...a change of scenery every now and then, beyond simply changing the location of the lily pad, would be nice. Also, it's a little odd that your "pondskater" can float straight over the bee hive.

As a practical tip, it's good to put an invisible shape behind your text buttons so that people don't have to click specifically on the letters to access a menu item.

Other than the above, this is a pretty solid, enjoyable little game.

Pretty good.

It's a good game. I like it and its worthy of NG. It would be a little better though if the bees couldn't get you while you were on the lily pad. It can get pretty frustrating when you are out of fuel and half of the bees are flying around the lily pad and killing you while your trying to fuel up.


The concept is ok, the graphics and animations were not great but good enough to keep me entertained.
but the fly/endurance ratio is a bit... wrong.
you don't get enough 'fuel', if you know what I mean.
you end up losing health because you're out of fuel quite quickly.

keep it up, it's Ok.

its a good idea but could b better

music would b nice and change it from the keys to the mouse the space bar to left click

kick ass

that stupid wueen bee... great game thou!

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3.42 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2008
5:10 PM EDT
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