therealsora/fyrren joint

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We have been doing this joint for months.
We both got sidetracked.
Well this movie is made on Pivot 2.2.5.(google it)
It is originally for the Droidz Forum Collab.
To email us click on our names in the Credits.
Don't forget to check out our forum.

Thank you for watching.

(I don't really like the way,it was flashed. :( )


It was fine

It was pretty good, I just didn't understand what was going on.

Well done...

But I wasn't really sure what was going on. o.O

therealsora responds:



Sorry for the low score, but I have to tell you this....Pivot might not be the best thing for a FLASH submission, all you had to do was kind of change the music (why was it Zelda music?), make it a bit slower, add a story, like why they were fighting or something (hey, I can't do Flash subissions because I can't afford the damn software :/), make it longer than 30 seconds, and it should make sence (this review probably doesn't either). That's all.

therealsora responds:

Like I said to everyone else.I hated it.
I've putted in Zelda music cuz I was too lazy to check out other music.
So to cure your sickness from this entry check out my other submissions.

Far too short

What can I say, the animation was acceptable but far too short. The music is kinda annoying, but you could do MUCH worse.

Perhaps if you made a longer movie, not just about people going through portals fighting each other for about 10 seconds then I would vote higher than a 2 out of 5.

therealsora responds:

lol.Yeah all my other animations are way better than this joint.
We started this a few months ago.So when I did it,I was worser than I was today.
I was med beg and he was high beg.Now he is interz.I'm borderline almost interz.
To me this is worse man.
anyways thanks for the comment.
Oh yeah the credit music screwed it up.
Too late now.

very short

lasted 20 seconds no story no point

therealsora responds:

Random Isay.
Yeah I agree.
I really hate it.
I wanted to start over but he didn't wanna do it over.
So we just quitted it.Yeah so I 100% agree with you.
I'm gonna start a new joint.

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2.52 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2008
12:41 PM EDT
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