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Escaping the Amateur

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Author Comments

This flash is made for the Flash Fandango #4, with "Escape" as the theme.

This flash will not be appreciated by some users under the age of 15, so don't watch or vote if you're not looking for a symbolic art movie.

Thanks and please vote fairly.

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I wonder whats behind the door.

need to be more fluid. but its okay.

Poingnant? No. Tedious? Yes.

For a flash thats supposed to be symbollic it did very little to hold my attention and therefore all semblance of symbolism was lost on me as i waited for it to end so I can type some words and get on with my crass, obviously uncultured life.

Your attempt to ride on the tails of the whole clock fascination is another layer of tedium. Even if you were trying to mock it or somehow make an ironic statement (if you were then they were lost on me in a cloud of WTF?!) its just such an overdone narrative medium that I just switch off the minute I saw the first grotesquly mundane wall-watch.

One last thing before I go gorge myself to death and do other things your little possy of cultural elites deem barabaric; you're tone in the description is so unbelievebly condescending that it drove the few good things I wanted to say right out of my mind.

Perhaps you should work on creating something great before you critise nameless others for being socially retarded.

Good Day.

Lambdaclock responds:

shut up my god your review makes me want to upchuck babies

I thought it was ok

I just don't know what the guy below me is complaining about, the flash is full of art.

suprisingly good

very good film soundtrack and beging arnt that good but still a very good movie i see what you mean by 'This flash will not be appreciated by some users under the age of 15'

I don't like this (and I'm not under 15)

So what, you ClockCrew guys are so "artistic" and "sophisticated" that commoners can't understand the depth of your work? I'm sorry, I don't get it.

Put a clock on something, and it will become a fine piece of art... That's how it seems to works on NG. I know I'll be despised for this comment.