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Hope you guys like it. First game I decided to ever finish!

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lol loved the game but how do u controll with the mouse?

love the music

controllers are a bit slippery but still fun


i hate you so much right now for creating epileptic galaxy, but i was able to finish the game, and thankfull it was in the first try because i niver gonna play this game again in normal mode.

Pretty good.

It was ok, not too original, but a good time-killer. A word of advice to anyone who plays this: Don't touch the orange galaxies. Ever. Yellow ones are good, black ones are annoying, orange ones will fuck you up.


I love this game, especially more when I found out this glitch, If you get a Magnet galaxy, and if you happen to get another Magnet Galaxy RIGHT at the time the first one wears off, you are able to get Magnet power forever, It lasted through the whole game from Universe 4, So I was able to get through the epileptic galaxy without looking and beat the whole game, even the Star Wars Universe...haha...But yeah, great game, and good glitch, please don't remove it! :D Great Job!