Sentry Fortress

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Sentry Fortress is a tribute to Team Fortress 2 where you play as the RED engineer and attempt to denfed control points from the BLU team. The game features 4 types of enemies, 4 maps and a handful of achievements.
Good luck and don't forget to visit us at http://nukebros.blogspot.

Karolis O.


Very Nice "10/10"

Team Fortress 2 Loves will really love this one you've done an outstanding job as PhantomNG said.

Have you tried Creating an Sentry Fortress 2?
Here's What i recommend if i were you creating Sentry Fortress 2

- All Characters. Spy,Pyro,Sniper,Heavy,Scout,Soldier,E ngineer,Demoman, & Medic
- All Taunts,Weapons,Maps & Melee Weapons.
- Team Scores,Game Modes like CTF,Team Deathmatch & Free For All
- And a Single player mode for when you want 1 v 1 ones.
- With some help a Online Multiplayer one wouldn't be bad. where you gain xp and level up with badges And rank & leaderboards.
- And if you end all singleplayer modes. you gain the oppurtunity to Use special characters.

- Coach
- Nick
- Ellis
- Bill
- Rochelle
- Gordon Freeman
- Isaac From Dead Space
- Francis
- Zoey
- Louis
- And a random counter strike soldier.

If you Don't know the Characters of l4d & l4d2.
Here's all the names & clothing ware of what they look like.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_EUwNY Qvwyc&feature=related

And Maybe an engineer update. like he can upgrade his sentry to level 3 instead of level 1. More Stronger. Tougher & Faster.

Update Ideas:

- Less Cloak For Spies.
- Slow down the soldier when he has his RPG a tiny bit.
- Zombie Survival against up to 10 then 100 then 1,000 then go as far as you can.
- Spy should be able to disguise.

Online Suggestions.

- Server Microphones Aloud
- Team Death Match (16/16)
- Free For All (8/8)
- CTF (20/20)
- Zombie Survival (4/4) L4D or L4D2 Characters only.
- Able to mute certain people.
- Can host own lobby.
- Able to friend online & chat with others and send messages.
- Outside Lobby Chat box before entering
- Rank. - Badges,Leaderboards,Full Rank Level 50.Challenges.Unlock new costumes,weapons.

Also a new design for when you make a new one and like more than 100 achievements all you can think of. I Hope this helped.

Give it A Try Bro!

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Loved it!

Dude you can make a fan made tf2 if you select what class you are and you have teammates plus all 9 classes.

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but i have a couple of ideas for a better game!
1:you need teammates,i dont really know how i survived!so have an allys menu aswell as an enemys.
2:have a couple of more characters.
3:have the pistol!
4:you really need upgradable sentrys!
all i can say(and remember what i was gonna say :p)

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I like this game it's good PS to EpicGuy02 : Get out of this Website Asshole


In this game you'll love it not like.. love. this game has the toughest you could possibly fight against. Defend like a soldier & watch like a sniper.

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Jun 29, 2008
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