Sentry Fortress

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Sentry Fortress is a tribute to Team Fortress 2 where you play as the RED engineer and attempt to denfed control points from the BLU team. The game features 4 types of enemies, 4 maps and a handful of achievements.
Good luck and don't forget to visit us at http://nukebros.blogspot.

Karolis O.


good but....

i cant shoot! fuck why cant i shoot? i try it the game in other pages but i cant shoot help!

awsome game man

but i notice glitches on the game

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Ok game

Noticed same bugs as WakeTheShark did, but its fun. I love how to soldier is overpowered and the sniper never misses a shot. (jk)

Overall, fun to play.

Although I ran into many problems I DID have some fun with this game,
Some of the bugs I noticed were:
1. Spy could not be shot when invisible (which he should be able to)
2. Some ammo packs are out of reach
3. Only one bullet comes out of the shotgun (comes out of the Engineer's arm to be exact)
4. The bullets shot from the Shotgun will travel off screen making it easy just to hold down the mouse button, spam shots, and easily kill the enemy without
them even appearing on the screen (Except of course the spy.)
5. No health kits
Even though I found those bugs it was pretty fun to play! I would love to see an update adding the pyro, heavy, medic, and demo as attacking classes. As well as a sentry upgrade.
Anyway nice work!

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nice game guy!!!

nice game but you can't create a half life 2 ? flash version or gmod flash version...

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4.04 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2008
5:13 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun