SF Series Episode 1

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EDIT: You can ignore the version thing that pops up in my main menu. Newgrounds will always have the latest version.

Well, its finally done...this is my new retconned version of my first attempt on flash. Special thanks to aspect production, to the voice actors, to my computer for not freakin breaking. Basically I learned alot about using photoshop and flash together...I also switch over to another camera system....vcam isn't working for me anymore to much lag. I also learned about optimizing my flash movie...because I have spoken lines and three different BGMs in this movie my movie expolded to about 15 megs so I had to do a lot of give and take and had to remove the last battle sequence and put it in my next episode. Enjoy the show.

ALSO: Please leave suggestions on what you guys want me to put in the extras category...I honestly couldn't think of anything to put there.

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Pretty Good!

This one is actually better than a few of your later ones, seems like you really spent good time on your first real attempt. The voice acting fits in nicely and the animations are all welltimed. All that's missing is background music, otherwise everything needed is init, and it's not too short either, keep it up!


mortis5000 responds:

Yeah, it really didn't receive the exposure I was hoping for

Wow I'm impressed.

This was your first flash I actually enjoyed. I love voice acting in animations so that's a definite plus. The fight was actually I was surprised! You did a very good job. The only beef I have on your movie is that there are no subtitles for your voices, and you didn't credit the voice actors, and I didn't really like the song neither some of the SFX. If I can hear correctly did Rina-Chan play Ibuki?
Well nice job man.

mortis5000 responds:

thank you

Too combat orientated

It's not that the combat wasn't well illustrated or coreographed, but the whole thing concentrated too much on the aspects of the fighting, rather than the actual storyline which you gave us.

The voices were too quiet compared to the sound effects and the fight music that you used. I was forever reaching for the volume control, to turn up the speach and then turn it down a load for the fighting.

To be honest, at the start, you've got too much going on in the background, without much happening at all - make those characters do something, rather than just pose, they only clutter up the storyboard.

I'd also consider either using better prepared and compressed music files or not using such large swathes of individual tracks - 9.4Mb is quite a filesize, considering how short the piece was.

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mortis5000 responds:

Well I did optimize the best I could...

It was alright

To tell you the truth I didn't like it, just because I didn't like the storyline. You did a good job with all the sprites and voices. Also you did a flawless job with the fight scenes. I think it would make a better game then a movie, but that's just my thinking. I think you deserve a good score for all the hard work.

I'll give you 7/10 and 3/5

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mortis5000 responds:


Hmm, Okay

Noot too bad but don't have tweened text on the preloader screen, it looks a little lame and gives a bad first impression, by all means put text but present it well. The menu seems to be presented well which is good, well most of it anyway and the buttons work fine too, so that's good. As with the flash itself, I'm not a huge fan of sprites but it's okay, the opening scene is a little crowded with sprites though.

The sound effects and music are all decent quality and easy to hear, so that's definatly a good point about this. I will also say that much of the sprite animation is pretty decent too, though some parts it does seem a little odd, but for most part it's good. But at the main fight at the end, you have them starting to fight then saying 'Round 1' after a bit of fighting, I didn't quite get that.



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mortis5000 responds:

they were warming up...then when they powered up then thats when the real fight started

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4.20 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2008
3:00 PM EDT