Mystic Quest episode 1

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Hi, This is my first Sprite animation, and I'm pretty proud of it, fps per second is 6, not so many frames, one layer coz its sprites and I hope you enjoy it, also just ask about buttons and I'll tell ya how to make em'.
Cast in order of appearance
Old man
Author CubePanda, Kieran Hole
Just hope that this passes...
Thanks NG for the pass, as you know it's my first sprite... as well as my first submission! I'm working on episode two! ;)
I've added my intro which will soon be in episode two (btw thank you NG FOR THAT PASS) and will be in every other one of my animattions ;)

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Nothing too special. For me, the sprites were too blurry, and there is absolutely no explanation of this stuff. Therefore, a prequel episode needs to be made. Otherwise, it's good.

CubePanda responds:

I can't do a prequal, the story of the game is terrible D:

6 frames per second?

That's a little slow for a sprite animation, don't you think? I mean, the average speed would be 24 FPS for a sprite animation if you add 2 frames step of someone walking. 12 FPS for 1 frame. yeah. It's pretty good, but it seems lagging....no brainer, I would supposed.

CubePanda responds:

I know, but it was my first Flash. I'm much better :3


HI K, its chris tobin your really good , this is really cool, c u after half term

CubePanda responds:

Thanks, remeber to vote
If you vote there, then my overall score goes up and my animation becoms more popular, remeber to watch the rest of them as well. Thanks, cya.


very cool im watching others soon :P

CubePanda responds:

Thanks XD

pretty cool fpr your first one.

Like somene said before me, give some time to read the text.
And it seem kinda fuzzy. Can you make the actual sprites clearer at least. The background wouldnt really matter as long as you can see the asprites clearer. They kinda blend in with the background too much.

Just some tips.

CubePanda responds:

thanks dude, thing is though on flash 8 on the thing they look normal, when you publish it they go purple -.-

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2.13 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2008
8:40 AM EDT