How 2 Succeed on NG pt.2

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This is the second installment of How to Succeed on Newgrounds. Follow this advice and you too will make the front page. For those new to the series, watch part 1 or it won't make as much sense.

(This movie is a joke, so don't get your dick in a knot)


-Thanks a lot for front page. I honestly didn't expect it, so that was a pleasant suprise. Tom, you da man as always.

-Also, I'm very well aware of the irony of picking on parodies for being poorly drawn and unoriginal, while my movie is rather poorly animated and unoriginal myself. I even point that out right before tip number 6. I'm a fan of irony. Zigga Zam.



im not going to write some long ass review.
im going to put this shit into short sweet sentence...

Make a H2BsNG part 3 bitch =3

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woo tip number 6.

hey that had no originality .. joking it was great . and pretty original.

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On the dot

Unfortunately you missed a few sure-fire success genres:
"Random Half-Anime Characters Run Through a Futuristic City With No Specific Point In Mind (Set to Overbearing Techno Music)",
"Four White College Age Males Get Into Wacky Situations Sans Body Movement", and "Music Videos of the Exact Same Techno/Hip-Hop/Pop Song That Remains Popular For a Month and a Half."

Still, good stuff. Be careful with part 3, if you have any plans to make it. You're toying with powerful forces here, and by that I mean the frail egos of sun-deprived teenage boys.

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I love tip #6 XD

Dude you are fucking hitting shit like a .50 sniper rifle. I'm getting into flashing and, I've basically looked at this stuff for tips and info cause I don't want to be calling people nazi cunts all day....

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You say its a joke

But i know the truth ; )

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Jun 28, 2008
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