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How 2 Succeed on NG pt.2

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This is the second installment of How to Succeed on Newgrounds. Follow this advice and you too will make the front page. For those new to the series, watch part 1 or it won't make as much sense.

(This movie is a joke, so don't get your dick in a knot)


-Thanks a lot for front page. I honestly didn't expect it, so that was a pleasant suprise. Tom, you da man as always.

-Also, I'm very well aware of the irony of picking on parodies for being poorly drawn and unoriginal, while my movie is rather poorly animated and unoriginal myself. I even point that out right before tip number 6. I'm a fan of irony. Zigga Zam.

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Ah, meta humor...

Meta humor is awesome. You're doing a video that makes fun of parody videos even though half the vid IS a parody video. Mind blown.

In terms of style, this one is better done than the first video part, which is a plus. Let's say...

5.1 out of 5?

Yeah, let's do that.


This is more better than the last 1!

Tip Number 6

heh couldnt have said that better myself dude

though to be honest i like my hentai and my violence no matter what they were (with a few expectations of course) though its hard to find decent humor here though.


Pretty nicely done, had a good point, and took on a hilarious perspective. Art and animation was smooth and well made, and I have to point out how great the lip-syncing was. I also loved the Keeblur reference.
Good stuff


the movie movies werent that bad. #3 & 4 at least

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4.44 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2008
2:11 PM EDT