The Return of Noobscape T

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Hey Guys!

The first Noobscape was submitted 3 years ago actually and last summer i did dick all.
For those who remember this series, it poked fun at Runescape a really bad free MMORPG.
I made these short bit cartoons. Almost like a sketch.

Two summers ago, I had been working on Noobscape 7. But due to a storm my computer got zapped and i lost the project i was working on.

It was going to be epic. It was going to blow the others away
So after all that time i read some replies in my inbox of people wanting another one.
I decided to do a trailer for an upcomming one i plan to have out before I move away at the end of the summer.

There are still pokes at RS, some that have pissed me off.

Really i threw this together in like 3 hours.
I wanted to have voice work but the music was just epic enough without VAing


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what U CALL MEE FAGGGGG!!!!!! u r a more shity FAG

Eh...not very good..but just a little funny

This wasn't very funny, only the "Breathing Skill" part was funny. This didn't seem to be like your creation. I'm sorry but not a good flash


I like this flash, honestly. But for the animation, as you've probably heard, it's not the best, you were right though, it didn't need voice over. The only reason i liked this is because I am an avid player of runescape, and it's good that someone had made fun of all the stuff that runescape doesn't think they need. But still needs work.


graphics rnt much better lol. get some skill before you make me gag.


The animations crap, the only thing good about this vid is that its taking the mick out of runescape, good job there.

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Jun 28, 2008
2:03 PM EDT
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