The Pirate Collab

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[Jul-13-2020] Goat-Man (Graeme) here. I've been working on updating old animations from my own catalog that used copyrighted music. This collab used "Salty Dog' by Flogging Molly. I have uploaded a rendered version with a new track. Thank you to TomFulp for granting my access to the old files to do so!

I plan to share an updated swf too. But I need to fix some animation glitches from decompliing everything, as well as re-coding Lochie's mini game in AS3. Yikes!


NOTE: It seems some reviewers thought this was only Lochie's pre-loader game! I'm pleased with how positive the review have been from that alone. But there is an entire animation collab as well! We'll update things to make that more clear.

UPDATE: Wooohooo, thank for the daily 2nd! :D

UPDATE2: Awesome, front page! :3

UPDATE3: there's a pirate collection now and our pirate thingies are used, how great is that ? :D After all these months I'm still proud about this collab and I'm happy to see that it hasn't been forgotten yet, thanks !

After 5 months of hard work we can proudly present you: THE PIRATE COLLAB! :D

With a total of 9 great authors and parts I think this collab is pretty awesome. The main theme was Pirates and everything that has anything to do with pirates. And after 5 months of frantic PM'ing it's finally all been sent in, and the finished result is here.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy and don't forget to review, I'll respond to all. :3


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Nice game if you are bored. Could use some music though.

arrr maetyyyyy... funny

it's canda catche if you ask me


Lending Money to a pirate is Blargh.

lol pirate with a mac10!

this is awsome wish i could say more but awesome!

Bertn responds:

Why is a pirate a pirate ?
Because they AAAAHHHHR !


PIRATES ALL DAYYYY >:D ARGH, YE SCALLYWAGS. great collab! really funny and entertaining bits. the music fit well too, great job :D

Bertn responds:

What is a pirate's favorite way to fly?
A helicoptAAARRR!!

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Jun 28, 2008
11:53 AM EDT
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