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//Necropolis Prelude

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**Unwarranted 2011 Update: So I know nobody's really watching this, but I thought this deserved an explanation since it's my only toon that's clearly so slathered in bullshit Christian victimism, and it's at the top of Necropolis' series page. This has nothing to do with Necropolis at all. I am not a Christian anymore, and my cartoons have very little to do with it when they're not making fun of it. Please do not judge me as an artist according to this shit lol, I am no longer a Christian victimist flailing to make myself feel like an oppressed African rebel for Jesus, bullshit. If you must watch this cartoon, please enjoy the sub par animation and visuals instead.




wow.. great animation

cant w8 to watch the rest : ) thank you

Wow Nice!

This is cool.. interesting, the story unfolds in Africa.. very original. Thumbs up

Truly impressive

I was actually surprised to stumble across this. Very impressive work! I look forward to more.

Again, The rat ventures from its den...

...poking only his long whiskered snout from the shadows*
You keep getting better. Its really quite amusing. What I dislike is how you are going about things. Have you worked with full animation styles, cell animation or anything of that type? You should look into. I actually would agree with The 7th if you were to tone down the massive abilities. Now I know that Blade has been done to death in various styles. But Even if you could make the way you animated the powers and abilities of your characters slightly more on the believable side, as in building back character, knowing which abilities a character has and whether or not they are able to develop them any further as a viewer would be much more satisfying than just having the hero randomly start using abilities that weren't shown or even remotely explained. I understand that you've begun to do so in Devlislayer but its a thought.
*And back into the darkness wisps the thin creature, the last detail remotely visible is his dark tail, sliding away into the shadows.*

"This What The Game Was Missing"

The Anime world is suffering from a complete lack a Black anime, Im tired of the 1 black girl with blond hair or black dude with crazy looks and pink lips. The Boondocks and Afro Samurai where the begining, I really think you should try and get this on t.v. No Im not saying it like it would be any easy task, but I believe if you made it to Adultswim......people are gonna watch. I see great potential im your work. You have vision, you should use it and keep moving foward regardless of the set backs. And if the world doesnt see you light, just remember,
"People wont be shore you've done anything, when you do things right" So stay up brotha, Im lookin out for tha nex installment!!!

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JazLyte responds:

Preciate that alot, man, that's true encouragement. It'd be nice to get somethin' on TV, but I still need to develop my ideas and style a lil bit, but you've got me thinking!

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Jun 27, 2008
6:55 PM EDT
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