Encounter in a desert

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A space ship from an enemy planet lands in the Andria Desert. All efforts to destroy the spaceship fail.
Finally Mr. Sharpshooter engages the enemies in a gun battle and makes them to retreat to their mother planet.
Controls: arrow keys, space bar, and mouse, as per the instructions displayed during the game.


The game played itself.

I just let the game play by itself, and I progressed levels...

not good, not totally bad

Now, this is actually a lot more solid and playable than other stupid maze games or just click the button games...Keep programming, but try to make something better before you submit...

Keep going!

not a game...

this wasnt a game and i was about to quit, thinking it was a movie, when i FINALLY got to play using the robot. even then it was disappointing. try to make something that gets you straight into the action and doesnt go on forever and then allow you to play something crappy for like 1 second

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where are the health bars?!?! u need to add some power ups .... there are no shields for defense , no mobility to dodge enemy fire, game play is too easy, seems like there are no levels to beat... its just shoot w/e comes at u ...similar to the soldiers, tanks are defeated with 1 shot (wats up with that?) graphics need improvement, enemies just dissapear after crashing into spacecraft, aiming is difficult (no gun turret), add better sound effects, and if u can add a short intro movie to show us how the UFO ended up in the middle of the desert in the first place..... lol 3 stars for effort ^_^

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Very bad

Animation and sound was terrible and it was easy

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1.42 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2008
4:08 AM EDT
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