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FearUnlimited Issue2 Demo

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THIS IS A DEMO, The whole game should be out no later than May 2009
Fear Unlimited Arena should be out in the next week or 2

Please be merciful and warey of any glitches.
Report them and Help Make the Full Game Kick Ass

I too this game back to its devil may cry roots and hopefully it will be for the better.
Encons back to his old style and the games tweaked.
There are 3 modes of play, Id recommend wussy or slayer mode though. Death sentence is called that for a reason!!!!.

glitch 1 - if one of the spinning lizard enemies gets caught try restarting. Im working on fixing that now.
Glitch 2 - If The music skips in room 1 , try restarting, Im working on fixing that now!


Q = Taunt
W = Examine/pickup/opendoor
A = evasive action
S = gun action
D = sword action
F = Power Up
Z = switch guns
X = switch swords

Arrow keys = move/aim

CTRL = pause/unpause


nice fast-paced gameplay but..

try working on the monks, their getting air comboed but they can still wack you?! WOW!!XD
this is a demo i know, but i hope you'll take that into account..
and... why not put a bonus game?? like a new game+ with a bonus character!! like vergil or nero..XD
and thx for making games like this, it makes me wanna buy a ps3..LOL

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That's More Like It!

Here at least the ending page gives your games some closure, as opposed to the sudden cut-off after defeating Mammon in 'Issue 2,' although I like how you fixed the appearing-human-whilst-in-Hell-Drive thing by adding the aura, and how the Mauloporter is easier to defeat in 'Issue 2.' The flame-health system also helps to indicate how much more of a beating the monks can take. Sometimes I like having to go after the Red Orbs, but only when the forward roll also counts as a dodge. Since it's not, I'm thankful you took out gathering them in the full game. Based just on this demo, though, I'm still looking toward the adventure-styles, 2 swords, and other gun promised. So I hope you're able to fix the glitches in 'Issue 2.'

Glitches, right. The annoying one was when Anima got stuck in spinning mode against the Mauloporter, otherwise everything looks fine from here.

Being able to update all stats in the main game also helps a great deal so it doesn't feel like beating up a dead horse all the time.

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awesome as always,but that...boss was annoing,he kept blocking,but i managed to kill him,but still,you said it will come on november 2008,but now is february,almost march,2009

im not rushing you,i know you give your best,but try to hurry:D
i bet it will be awesome

P.S:i saw some names of guns and swrods,i saw osiris,and revolution,i saw them all but i didn't understand their names becoase it was to fast

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Dizimz responds:

well it will be out near the end of march.

I didnt start working on it again till recently man. pretty much started from scartch early this month lol.

Im closing in on the last mission it will be done before you know it


The only thing I found not to like was some glitches, first of all the lizards got stuck alot, and in demon form Encon was human except when attacking. This one is better than Issue 1 by a long way. (and this is just a demo...o_0)

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Good game

A good game,really.Kept me entertained for a while.At the begining I thought it was too hard,but once I got the hang of it it became ok.I can't wait for the full game to appear.Keep up the good work,Donovan.

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Jun 26, 2008
10:35 PM EDT
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