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THIS IS A DEMO, The whole game should be out no later than May 2009
Fear Unlimited Arena should be out in the next week or 2

Please be merciful and warey of any glitches.
Report them and Help Make the Full Game Kick Ass

I too this game back to its devil may cry roots and hopefully it will be for the better.
Encons back to his old style and the games tweaked.
There are 3 modes of play, Id recommend wussy or slayer mode though. Death sentence is called that for a reason!!!!.

glitch 1 - if one of the spinning lizard enemies gets caught try restarting. Im working on fixing that now.
Glitch 2 - If The music skips in room 1 , try restarting, Im working on fixing that now!


Q = Taunt
W = Examine/pickup/opendoor
A = evasive action
S = gun action
D = sword action
F = Power Up
Z = switch guns
X = switch swords

Arrow keys = move/aim

CTRL = pause/unpause



I really liked it! Very well made. I think I found a glitch.. When you go in "Devil Trigger" mode, the dude you play as looks like he did before.. until you swing you sword or something. Then he looks all coolio like he should. But great job! I'm looking forward to playing to full version


Being I wasn't a huge fan of the first for a few reasons I'll throw my to cents in for ya. First off an in-game tutorial would be great, because I dont like the 3 pages of text to read an be expected to memorize all Encon's movements and actions. Now I know thats not all your fault, some of it is me, but by adding a little tutorial stage, you'd make it much more accessable to a broader base of people such as myself. Anyways, the graphics are great, but the shotgun's graphic threw me off a bit, they appeared sawn-off in the icon but looked more like a rifle with a break action method of loading which is what your sawn-off icon looks like however, the actual animation of him firing it is MUCH larger than a typical sawn-off. Particularly the one portrayed in the icon. Anyways I hope you found this helpful. I didn't play very far into it mostly because I could pin the controls (My bad! Ha ha ha!) but other than that the controls ARE responsive... Good job and good luck in the full version!

Dizimz responds:

in game tutorial is part of the full version infact, the tutorial is mission 0. where you basically can use celcius as a beat up dummy. and well nemesis and i discussed it back in february to make it like dmc4s tutorial where you needed to perform each move X amount of times. and it has worked well for my friends unfamiliar with the controls. thanks for your time :P

Very nice

I rarely find games that are as good as this. It seems to have a little bit of adventure, without too much dialogue and other useless crap.

I liked the weapons and the moves. I did find that the enemies in the first room were a bit tough. That is until i switched to the secondary swords and the shotgun.

Some stuff you might wanna work on :

Often when i jumped in the air and moved towards the edge of the screen my player would get stuck and slowly glide down, which could cause problems during a battle.

The first time i made it too the second room there were no enemies. I closed the page and tried again then they were there.

It does get VERY repedative after fighting 10 of the same enemies in 1 room and doing the same thing in a new room.

maybe make some new weapons, upgrades, and possibly some ammo.

I see this game going 1 of 2 ways. Either become a great fighting game or becoming another one of those shitty fight your way through a repedative dngeon game.

Hopefully it becomes a great game.

Nice work here.

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Seems pretty awesome so far, reminds me of Devil may Cry, but thats awesome because that games fun,

I like the easy to learn combos


this game was alsome keep up the good work

Dizimz responds:

i enjoy reading reviews especially ones this positive, but can you next time maybe take an extra 5 minutes to tell me some flaws, and what in particular ou liked best.

this demo is mostly out for my benefit lol so i can improve the game now while its young.

but im glad you enjoyed it.

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Jun 26, 2008
10:35 PM EDT
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