Sasuke shorts Part 3

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Hi every one! long time no see and now "Sasuke shorts part 3!!!!" that all of you being waiting for!


And now there is a secret short try find!
Special thanks to Kruger93 and Max-Pain on Newgrounds for helping out! <(^_^)>


try to find the secret short!
and ENJOY!!!! <(^_^)>


Amazing, just amazing

It was so good and it was so great and so funny!
I see you put to your movie the biggest effort of all your movies you done,
the best sasuke shorts ever made(my opinion).
I loved all the shorts and I cant stop watching them again and again and not to lough.
And btw I found the secret short( its sad if people cant find the secret short because its funny).Anyway I am happy that I helped you with some ideas and thanks for the credit! Anyway it was worth to wait so long time and I hope this movie will recive more than 4.00(awesome score). I liked the way you made fun of your own movie "Emo kids" in shodow clone jutsu, and of course it was nice to see Blockhead in your movie(lol sasugay). And the akatsuki opening was the longest and the coolest, anyway I really loved this movie and I hope to see this on front page. Good luck ^_^

KKING1 responds:

<(^_^)> thx for the review!

not bad

i think it was pretty good just not amazing or horrible in the middle of those


The only problem that i noticed was that sasori and dedria were not in the akatuski together. other than that excellent flash

KKING1 responds:

But Sasori is DEAD!!!
they cant be together anymore..........


i couldn't find the secret one =(

KKING1 responds:

Its easy..... its in one of the shorts ^^
Good luck

&quot;Sasuke&quot; is pronounced &quot;Sas-kay&quot;.

For future reference D:
It's apparent that you have flash abilities and I enjoyed most of the animation, but aspects of it seemed rushed. You should take time to clean up your drawings so that they don't seem messy. I think most of it was down to using a thick brush size.
I liked some of the humour in the script.
There was a few sound problems; the intro song bleeded over into the initial animation and I had to turn my volume down.
I think you have a lot of potential which is why I voted to protect this flash.


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4.07 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2008
1:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody