How to make a password

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I made this to show a small thing that can help keep some thigs safe.


This was notbad

Notbad of a titorial here, it has a good tut but could use more you should add more then just the one, it was good though

Add more tuts besides just 1 in the flash

Decent tutorial


not a game at all

i mean y do these keep ending up as being labled as games i know this is here to help people write code for their own games and such but cant newgrounds add another area just for that

The atrocious spelling made this hurt my head.

This tutorial was so full of spelling errors that it hurt my brain.

It seemed to me that the tutorial itself was a bit low on details. Maybe that was just because of the brain hurt though.

There were a lot of "Make a button like this or this or this" instead of more details there's just simple "Final product" type of examples. Usually it's better to show how you get to the final product than to show it and hope people are following along.

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Nice tutorial

you could add some music, and specify that it is a tutorial for flash (I thought that it would be advices to make a safe password). But it's ok if you want to keep it like this


oh its a instruction to make flash i love these things. i know a few flash artist that need to know how to make flash. but thats all it is! although its somewhat useful for begginers you should put some fun stuff in but other then that good job

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Jun 26, 2008
11:55 AM EDT
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