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LL - Wir sind Legion I

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Wir sind Legion! - Episode One

WWW.LOCKLEGION.COM got restored, folks!

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Thank you

That was good
And you gave me a large reference which was nice
Man, I love you

Rn86 responds:

wuf u2 hunny :3

as a fellow lock (not very known tho)

i have given u a five and ten to give u some lp's for the new site lookin forward to the sequel
(robo lock) told u no1 rly heard of me

Rn86 responds:


Holy shit

LL.com is back. I can is lock?

Wir sind belegschaft :P

Rn86 responds:

It sure is up!

also Legion is a German word too ;3

sehr gut! die film ist spitze!

i like the flash and its funny, has good animation and all but why is the title in german. even if it was in english i still dont get it why would you name this "we are legion"?

Rn86 responds:

well I needed to specify a title, and I like German.
"we are legion" is just a reference to the Lock Legion, I guess.

It's an abstract title, like "Green wing" or "Blue jam"

Nuff Said

Good animation and sound. Always glad to see more from you.

Rn86 responds:

thank you :D