Mouse Maze 2 (WNXX)

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|| Wasabi Ninja XX ||

This is my first game, I made it in about 2 hours, so please dont judge me on it. I will have more up later, with better quality, but I am trying to work on other shit, so be patient.

Be sure to visit my site: www.WasabiNinja-XX.tk :)


Good idea...

As yourself mentioned, it isn't a very well made game. But it's for sure a good idea to a nice and fun game. Keep the work up!

This game was pretty fun though if you didn't cheat. :O

WasabiNinja-XX responds:

Thanks! I appreciate the Save!

LOL Wallhax!!!

just ceep left mouse button down and you can go through walls.

WasabiNinja-XX responds:

ya. i cnow

Don't judge me on this?!

Honestly, how can we not judge you on this? For that matter, why would you even post this on newgrounds if you didn't want us to judge you?

The graphics are MS Paint style. The concept, overused, cliche, and just not that fun anyways. The sound? Meh. Overall, this game does not succeed. If you're going to post something, spend more than 2 hours on it.

WasabiNinja-XX responds:

hey asshole, I am just experimenting on how people respond to different style games and such. why the fuck would you tell me its bad? i know that. the whole point is that i have the right to submit whatever the fuck i want, and if the general public likes, it it stays. if not, ill work harder on it. try not to be such a douchebag and actually be a little kind for a change. dick.

alright look buddy,

this was terrible. and i have ahint,you kan hold down the mouse button and you dont have to go through the maze to see the gay porn.

WasabiNinja-XX responds:

dont be an asshole. i bet when you started out you werent that good. im really much better than that anyways, but i just added it so id have something on my site. im working on a better game right now. it will be like fps in real life, but better.

dude you submitted this a few days ago

and I dont see any real improvement.

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WasabiNinja-XX responds:

no this is a different account. WasabiNinjaXX got flagged, so i have the new WasabiNinja-xx (see the dash?). i know, i just wanted to see how people respond to different games.

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2.07 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2008
2:35 AM EDT
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