Two Mirror Experiment

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please turn up your volume i speak very quietly..... I also suck at backgrounds. But i like the idea of this flash dont flame be because of my voice please



It was a very short animation but you make up the extra time with your humour.

Good job!

Not all that great...

It would have been nice if you didn't insert an exposion. You should of done it with flash becuase I know were that came from...

WackoutWo responds:

my arm is broken i cant


Like the other's said. It was too short. Although it was funny.

It would have been MUCH better if you left out your friend's line. Or at least changed it to something that makes it seem as though he is less sure of the outcome. He was very direct and that made a little obvious that something unexpectedly disastrous was going to happen.

A little more effort next time ^^

Im thinking... No!!

Sorry but it was too short. I give you a star for effort but the animation was sloppy. I cant see giving more stars to something that didnt require any effort or thought. Its not even that the idea is bad, because the name and the concept originally intrigued me, but when you switched to a wide view of a house with a cheap low rez explosion, I felt let down.

Anyway I put some effort in the next one and I bey you will see higher scores.

WackoutWo responds:

i put alot of effort into this its the best i can do with a broken arm

ok love exploions, and random things....but..

as i wrote in the title...random...and explosions...two things that should always be in the same sentence...however.....you need more, like more randomness and more explosions....the background and graphics...would be perfect ONLY if you were going for a completely randomized flash movie....so unfortunately, its not good enough, better luck next time, looking forward to viewing more of your work

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2.71 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2008
12:40 AM EDT
Comedy - Original