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The Bad Prank Call

June 25, 2008 –
December 4, 2019
This entry was deleted.

Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Hi everyone!

This is my first submition to newgrounds! I've been playing around with flash since I was a kid, made a submition then and it got blammed, of course!

The movie is about three prank callers who calls a local Christian boy and tells him that they are God!
As the story unravels it's getting clear that making people think you're God is a BAD idéa!

Want to give a shout ut to my friend Jim, who made my mind so disturbed!

Hope you enjoy this, eh, a little different movie!


And guys, if you really hate this movie, vote 0 and write something nasty - that's your right! ;)


Oh my goodness

You know how those Christians get.... LoL

Very Funny!

Just as the title says!


So sad


I love crude humor.


no word can discribe it

The Bad Prank Call

there is something seriously messed up with you. But thats ok. This was funny as hell. well, hell isn't very funny, but you get what I'm saying.


Damn dude! That's so wrong! In a good way. (I think...)


All I have to say is WOW!!! FUCKING WOW!!!!!

Christian kids..

Christian kids, they're just so gullable. It's cute. lawl.

Buyt yes, very hilarious. Ever since watching this, whenever I do something wrong I say "Maybe if I just ejaculate in his/her/your skull, things'll be back to normal" rofl. Thing is, I'm a girl. So people starte at me like "Wtf".

Okay, focus, getting off track. But yeah, I loved it!

<deleted> responds:

Haha! Sounds great ;)


.... theres a moral in there, dont play phone pranks, it could be messy.
Great flash, harsh, twisted, funny, original. Keep up the good work


WTF .. XD ..

- " This is robert speaking"
- "Hello robert, this is GOD"
- "Is it GOD? Oh boy! what can i do for you?"

what a dumbass :)


i cant stop laughing

OMG I love your brain...

Made me laugh so hard. I know it's messed up. But I loved it. I have an evil sense of humor, too many violent video games. But they are soo much fun. This rocked. Can't wait for more dude! :)


Most dumbest!


Call me disturbed but that was awsome still kinda scary though but still it made me laugh so hard.


that was funny, but what the in gods name possesed you to come up with an idea like that?

I agree with Jdisasoldier

This is just a messed up flash. I give you the 2 for good animation, but the concept is just absolutely messed up. Please, if you make more, make them somewhat less vulgar.

That PEICE in particular...

was actually really funny, wish the characters coulda been designed better, their expressions are too important to the PEICE to half ass that.

Ground Shattering

I won't lie. That was extremely disturbing but extremely entertaining. You're a genius if you came up with that.


This was funny, but in a weird, twisted way...
Ah well, the family was obviously nuts for believing God was on the phone.

Holy mother of god....

That was one of the funniest things ive seen on newgrounds
not much animation but it was put together very well
creepy and twisted
thats the best kind of flashes
thank you for making this
keep up the good work lol



This is something that I think should be reported to the proper authorities. I think you are a sick, twisted individual. It was sort of funny at first, but it just got really inappropriate, even for a mature audience. I don't know how anyone could find this anything but creepy, chilling and that you are psychologically impaired.

<deleted> responds:

It's a movie you either love or hate, good review

I would say I'm speechless, but...

Then this wouldn't be much of a review.
I've gotta hand it to you, that was pretty sick in the best way possible.
The world needs more people who think the way you do.
Kudos, man. Kudos. And Congrats on the Daily Second.

<deleted> responds:


I... I... Dont know... what to say...

This is a very twisted event that could happen to any demented or insane family. The kid was retarded I'm sure and the dad was desperate...

phew, I have the stomach butterflies...



Its very sick, but not too bad over all,


Holy shit that was creepy... yet extreamly FUNNY!!!!

OH disgusting

That wasn't necessary in any way! That was just plain nasty! Don't make any more flashes please!

Lol funny sick shit

Animation coulda been better, but was still funny.

Reminds me of Cartmans rendition of The aristocrats joke on youtube.


ummm..... that was the freakiest thing ive seen yet on here. wtf.


That was creepy yet funny. :/

i wil never make a prank call again.

wow that taught me a esson ='). you may have saved hundreds. (maybe) but seriusy that was uuuuuugh. i can't belive parents care if thier son/daughter care if they're gay. my sister dosen't care if his son is gay! (true)

omg waht did i just hear?

this was creepy thos guys were retards. it was good but too creepie.

holy shit

thats was um yea.... I like sick shit liek this ha ha


Dude, this is so creepy... But i will be dammed for this but, its great... nice one. lol
i just loled over this video

"I must revive him..."


You know... I don't find it funny or creepy... But the thing is that I think it was in fact a really bad prank call...

I know that maybe you didn't get the wrong Idea... but it's not good to make fun of what other people think. We have to be tolerants, even if we think that its not right to be a fan more than a believer. OK?

but other whise i liked it, just I gave yo 3/5 and 7/10.
Just for respect.

wow that was bad

i mean wat bum preson would wel beleave that god is calling them on the phone n telling him to stick there mom dilldo up there butt i know im not that to do that lol geat show

comment's down there

i give it a 9/10. it wasn't disturbing enough. alnham, he wasn't making a joke about god, he was making a joke about god, he was making a joke about people who believe in god too much. and the rest of you, don't say that his comment is useless. a large portion of the world is christian and would say the same thing as him. how many people do you think there are in the world who are gonna give this a good rating? most people don't think this kind of thing is funny and if they knew who you were, they would probably make you see psychiatrist. just because you don't like what he said doesn't make it useless. just so evrything is clear, i'm not one of those people.

I dont see whats so gross...

I mean its not like any of us havent done that to our wife and children, right?...
Tell me im not alone on this one...

<deleted> responds:

Hahaha, you rock!

Reminds me of Sick Animation

There was definitely some Sick Animation humor in there.




That was hilarious, but you have to admit, it was also really messed up

oh shut up!

Hey there "alnham", Shut the fuck up! I think even god found that funny!

ohh god

dont miss with the god man god is not a joke do what evr you want but dont made a joke about god things.


that was fucked up man


Oh, that was totally funny. One of the best prank-call-gone-mad flashes out there. Well, I haven't seen much, bwe this was really, really funny. A bit vulgar and sadistic, but very nice. Good work on this piece of flash. The graphics were ok, the animation quite good, but the whole thing was very well planned.

I'm expecting more from you, now! :D

T_T nooo

I was expecting it to have a twist ending? Like, it was a reverse prank call and the kid wasnt really dead and his dad didnt really rape his skull... but I guess we dont live in a perfect world x_X

So funny

Am I going to hell for loving this flash movie?


funny but as DRNOWSCHECK said its sick


lolzlzozllzlzozlzolzolzlzolololzooloz lzoozlzolzlzol


that was hell funny, but sick!

that wasss so sick....

love it. :} i never prank call again...

no title for this.....

That is completely wrong on SO many levels, yet it's funny at the same time.


You have one sick and twisted mind...

Probably the most Fucked up thing ever

its so wrong. but its funny for some damn reason. lol


i seriously see and agree with how fkd up our society is. you gotta laugh or youll go crazy, and dieeee.

(+ 0.0026)

idk which one did i choose
0 or 5 but the result is
(+ 0.0026)

goshh thats messed up


HOLY SHIT MAN! that was creepier than SHIT. most the time ppl dont make me cringe like that, just for that 5/5 10/10 o.O


10/10 5/5 for making me cringe(sp?). it was perfect. Although the difficulty of the actuall animation is questionable (three guys standing mostly still), it is accompanied by a great and disgusting story that keeps all of us sickos entertained. I loved the voice acting and the sound effects. I would definitly watch anything else you put out, so keep them coming you weirdo.

Woah dude O_o

That was sick and disturbing man
You have done a great job on this
hope to see another never expected all that to happen O_O
A 10/10 and 5/5 for you


you sir just became my favourite person on newgrounds. plz make more


AHHHHHHHHHHHHH OH MY GOD! That's so sick and immoral and disturbing in so many levels. I think I liked that you didn't animate those sick disgusting parts though, since that gives us a chance to visualize it by ourselves. Sort of like how on V for Vendetta they never revealed V's face, that way you couldn't possibly criticize his looks because you didn't know it. The way you did this, you allowed our imaginations to go do the fucked up twisted shit it was meant to do :D. I really liked this. 10/10. I was going to rate it lower because the audio was hard to hear at some points, but fuck this is too good. AWESOMENESS >:D

<deleted> responds:

Thanks, nothing is as scary as our imagination :)

Sickkkk o_O

that was disturbing and freaking insane o-o espicially the dad omg
that scared the shit out of me! >_< 5/5

Brilliant and dark humor

The voice acting really sold this, I was dying laughing.

Oh....my god.

Twisted. Somewhat too twisted for my taste, hence the lowered score, but it was funny, and the animations okay. Nice work I may weaken the review but I wont the vote. 5/5

sickess thin ever!

funny as hell! sick and twisted a complete abomination, that´s what it make it so damn great, thee animation need a little work thou... but for a first submission its really good


Awesome. So disturbingly awesome. I only wish you had animated the rest so that I didn't have to imagine it the way I did. But perhaps that's what makes it so great.


But funny as hell XD

This fits the old and great logo of Newgrounds...

"The problems of the future, today!" There hasn't been something this sick in A LONG TIME. THANK YOU FOR BEING TWISTED!!


that was soooo creepy
and the dark humor was so delectable i think ill have another
10/10 you rock

Deserves Front Page

Seriously dude...not trying to be an ass-kisser but yeah it does.

This is wrong!

It's sick, depraved, an abomination to decently. Hence the high rating.


'You know what would have been funny the guy suddenly says: "Got yah yeah you were trying to prank me eh well the kid isn't dead." and then your charactar could be like fat kid killed himself and your not oh god damn it!

Mind you your way is much freakier and more demented it creeps me the fuck out so good work!

uhhh wow

that was so disturbing. also the animation left a little to be desired. i would love to see more

WE HAVE... TO... PUSH... HIM... IN!

Oh my god, that is the sickest thing I have ever seen. I can't stop laughing! PLEEEASE make a sequel!!!


That was really funny.
Great job.


Ha, pretty funny.
There's not too much to critisize.
The animation was decent enough, and the voice acting didn't piss me off.
Congradulations, ten out of ten.


hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah ahahahaha
that was very funny thank you for the laugh and remember to push your children int your wife's and or your Vagina


That was unexpected. Good movie though. Nice work on the body reactions of the three people in the movie.

oh my god

at firs, i thought this was real
but then i realized it wasent
that kid is realy gulible

risky humor

the best kind of humor! if you could have done this like south park it would be even more awesome.

More distubring than funny

But it was amazing none the less... the animation was a bit laggy, but it wasn't bad by any stretch.
Very well made!

I guess...

...it was kind of funny in a way [a little disturbing though].

The Bad Prank Call

That was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen
so you get a 10

That was a bit creepy but still enjoyable

The story was kinda creepy but the animation and way it was done made it not so creepy.

Oh my god

Ajaculate inside his skull?LOLs!


Funny, dunno what a dildo is, but still funny! 5/5 and 10/10!

<deleted> responds:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dildo <- there ya go! :D


That was a bit of a surprise >_>.


Really funny.

But uh, your minds not really that disturbed..thats pretty much average these days.
Good voice acting.

LOL wow.

I died a little on the inside. Nice.

my god

I nearly shit my pants that was real funny

LOL!!!!!! NICE!!!!!!!!


"now stick the dildo up ur ass"


"but...why god?"


<deleted> responds:

Glad you like it

Wow man...

That was really funny and dark but the red headed guy shooting himself was a bit too much and the audio could have been improved. It sounded like the mic was being moved around in the beginning.

<deleted> responds:

Good review, thanks

ha made me laugh

but that was so sick man, oh and mehorny, try refreshing the browser and playing movie again, that usually helps

<deleted> responds:

Thanks ;>

that was friggin hilarious

thaTS WAS SERIOUSLY fucked up ...i love the ending and roberts dad is great...

make more!!!!!!!

<deleted> responds:

Roberts dad pwns :) Thanks


that shit was so funny Weird disgusting very sexual but so funny :P I'm looking forward for more of your submissions

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man


I GOT SOME SERIOUS LAAG ON YOUR movie...sry couldn't even watch it... DAMN!!


shit was pretty fucked up but entertaining, keep it up man



holy crap.


Very funny.


Dude, somthing that started off totally innocent ended completely fucked up. You did good, I lol at your masterpeice.

that is some fucked up shit

seriously. it was funny in the beginning then it just goes to hell from there. the animation wasn't that great, but jeez if you use your imagination this is a winner.


great dude! i fucking loved it, strange but hilirious.


That was crazy! In a sad yet funny way. Great job!


the movie sucked but the audio is funny
so 5 for the audio


That was funny yet disturbing, It was a great idea, a little extreme. The animation could have been a little better though


You know this whole time i thought it was just someone playing a prank back on those three guys but that shit was fucking funny good job!

<deleted> responds:

Haha! Maybe it was, who know? Thanks man

Pretty Good.

Well worth the watch.

<deleted> responds:



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4.33 / 5.00