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Awesome Video Games Ep32

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Author Comments

Cousin Lester comes to visit, and he brings a fresh new beat with him! Quite possibly the baddest dude that Ace and Chet have ever met, Lester comes with lofty promises and an unlicensed peripheral... the GAME GENIE!

A big thanks to Johnny Johnny of Tiki Bar TV for guest starring!


"Awesome Video Games" is a throwback to late 80's/early 90's videogame television. The days where videogame tips were hardly anything but speculation and instructions from the booklet.



nuff said


It's kinda like a piece of history. I can see where this two-parter is probably headed.

* Spoilers and waloftext follows *

We got a bad rebel who introduces our two heroes to the Game Genie. When they use the Game Genie, smoke can be seen coming out of their NES.

To understand where this is going, you must first understand a little deal called licensing. Ya see, long, long, LONG ago, there was a system called Atari. The company Atari made games for Atari. Another company, called Activision, also made games for Atari. This pissed off Atari, who even went to put out a cease-and-desist against Activision. Atari did not want third-party games; they wanted to make all the games themselves and horde all the money themselves.

Then we come to Nintendo. Unlike Atari, Nintendo actually encouraged third parties to make games for their console. Why? Because of the NES's ten-pin authentication system. Because Nintendo owned the patent on this system, no other company could legally reproduce it. If third parties wanted to make games for Nintendo, they would have to PURCHASE LICENSING AGREEMENTS from Nintendo, forcing them to send their programs to Nintendo. This allowed Nintendo to review the content in the game and edit is as they saw necessary, as well as limit how many games any one company could produce for the NES each year, and determine how many copies of each game were available for purchase. This is where Nintendo's "Seal of Approval" comes in. Nintendo stated it meant quality, but in fact, it merely meant the game was either their work or the work of a third-party that had purchased a license for it.

Not everyone plays by the rules, though. Some companies used a piggy-back system to transfer the ten-pin authentication system from a licensed game through its unlicensed game. Others made cartridges that, when requested the ten-pin authentication code, responded by shorting out the NES and bypassing it (as is to my understanding).

Galoob did something interesting: they did not make a game, but rather a sort of tool that allowed the gamer to enter cheat codes. Since by its very nature it piggy-backed with games that used the ten-pin authentication system, Galoob was effectively able to skip purchasing a license from Nintendo.

As in just about any other case that attempted something like this, Nintendo sought legal action against Galoob. I don't believe they won, though. Don't remember. Wiki it.

In any case, since the entire show is nothing more than advertising, this will no doubt be propaganda against Galoob's Game Genie. I anticipate in the second part, something bad will happen. Iono, maybe their NES asplode.

I apologize for the wall-of-text.

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Why does no one get this?

Awesome Video Games (video games are awesome) is pretty much one of the greatest parodies of any medium ever. It's almost like reviewers like intothenight99 think that the "target audience" is intended to be the one the show is parodying. It's ridiculous! The way that heroes Chad and Ace deal with issues that would have commonplace with kids of that era (in this one drugs in the form of codes) with witty euphemisms and mockery is fantastic. Really, if you truly think that the show actually takes itself seriously, like tough-guy reviewers intothenight99 and that1goofyguy, then you don't belong on teh webbernets. Go get some codes from your cousin Lester dudes and dudettes.

Another one?

My god.

I don't visit Newgrounds often, but this is the second time I've seen an "Awesome Video games" make the front page.

Clearly nobody enjoys this trash. I really hope it's not being posted because they're sponsoring NG... but if that is the case, they should segregate sponsored trash from quality flash.

What the hell is WITH those guys? Are 5-10 year olds their target audience or something?

not really my cup of tea

not really new grounds style...i thought youtube was for these types of videos?

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Credits & Info

3.55 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2008
5:00 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody