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Solid Snake Soundboard

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Author Comments

After noticing there aren't any soundboards of Solid Snake yet, I decided to make one myself. So here it is. I Tried to get as many audio clips as I could, but I still could have gotten a lot more. Maybe I'll make another or something. But for now I hope you enjoy this one.

Audio clips edited in Audacity. =D

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I love alliteration.

Greatwork !

So many Snake's lines in a same screen ... It's a dream :) ! One another word :
"Diarrhea" ! *fart*

Thank You For This Great Soundboard

Thank you man i pranked my friend 5 times with this hahahahahaha


love it, i agree with the guy below me though, if it had more conversational's. As is I can't prank call any 1 with this.

so close to perfection

it needs more conversational phrases but this is great anyways!!