Crows' Life Episode 3

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***Now that the sound issue has been fixed, the preloader stopped working, we'll get to that right away, sorry >_______< . IT IS LOADING, PLEASE BE PATIENT

** For some reason, you might be getting NO VOICES HEARD, so just toggle the audio settings on the top right corner, that seems to fix it. I'll fix that entirely once I can!

*Thnx for the frontpage!

Finally, Crows' Life: Episode 3 has been completed, this by far has been the most time spent on a flash, nearly 6 months
of production! Although most of the time was used to do the animation, the audio took a month as well.

The Crows just can't defeat the Scarecrow, so their leader, Scar, decides it is time for some hardcore training, which
means they'll be needing a master, Octavio.

The animation was done according to it's original languange (Spanish) but you may also choose the dubbed English version. Indeed, a new feature, you can switch the audio language in the movie like in a DVD!

Resolution- 720x480
Frame rate- 24 fps
About 10,000 different frames

SORRY ABOUT THE FILESIZE =(, that's all i could do with the file...



i really enjoyed this one graphics are great and so are the ideas for this movie


Great animation.


Q CAGUE DE RISA!! muy bueno loco, a q horas sacas la # 4 pendejo, apurate ya!! jaja buena animacion bro ;D


Octavio is my hero and sweet animation

It truly does deserve a ten!

The fbf animation was great, it was all over, the voices were perfectly placed, and while the jokes weren't good, no flash animation has good jokes in them. That's just what I think

I can't believe that GJBM guy gave you a zero for "balance". In other words, he thinks your flash movie is over rated, thusly, instead of the tragically low 7 he'd give you, he gave you the unthinkable 0. Now, I used to be like that, but now I think it's just wrong to aim to balance out the public opinion with your own. Especially since I've known Flash MX for 6 years, and I know what you've been through. You truly are deserving of a 10.

Can't wait for the next episode.

Toonimated responds:

first of all, thnx for your review. Now, about GJBM, reviews like those don't last at newgrounds anymore, just go ahead and give it an (x) and it will be deleted automatically, speaking of which, that review is no longer in existence :3

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4.30 / 5.00

Jun 25, 2008
2:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Original