Crows' Life Episode 3

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***Now that the sound issue has been fixed, the preloader stopped working, we'll get to that right away, sorry >_______< . IT IS LOADING, PLEASE BE PATIENT

** For some reason, you might be getting NO VOICES HEARD, so just toggle the audio settings on the top right corner, that seems to fix it. I'll fix that entirely once I can!

*Thnx for the frontpage!

Finally, Crows' Life: Episode 3 has been completed, this by far has been the most time spent on a flash, nearly 6 months
of production! Although most of the time was used to do the animation, the audio took a month as well.

The Crows just can't defeat the Scarecrow, so their leader, Scar, decides it is time for some hardcore training, which
means they'll be needing a master, Octavio.

The animation was done according to it's original languange (Spanish) but you may also choose the dubbed English version. Indeed, a new feature, you can switch the audio language in the movie like in a DVD!

Resolution- 720x480
Frame rate- 24 fps
About 10,000 different frames

SORRY ABOUT THE FILESIZE =(, that's all i could do with the file...



Love it! Everything was wonderful! Animation and audio where great! It made me want to go pump some iron.
Did I see Egoraptor in the credits?!?!

Toonimated responds:

yea, he was scar and ray!

Crows Are CRAAAZY!

I always knew crows were psychotic, glad someone else noticed it too. Nice animation, these are always fun to watch in my spare time.


that was AWSOME I don't even know what to say

Fairly good, but needs improvement!

You will get BIG + from voice acting. Drawins are not bad either, but i think you should build up more on expressions and movements in generally. Just more training on drawing and it will be SUPERB!

The idea and story of this, hmm... Well i guess i belong to wrong type of audience, since i didnt actually felt anything when i watched this. Sure it was entertaining as flash -movies usually are but thats mainly all of it.

Is that crow something Spanish thing? I could sword something has to do with it ... :)

Toonimated responds:

hmm well, the original 2 episodes were done entirely in spanish, only the 3rd has the feature of both languages, english and spanish to choose from

estupendo me gusta todo lo que.....

tenga que ver con cuervos y esto no me a desepcionado esta muy bien hecha y el tiempo que les tomo hacerlo se nota en la atencion a los detalles y el movimiento de camara al rededor de el espantapajaros genial . me gustaria verlos trabajar , hooo como aprenderia mucho de ustedes . por ahora solo me queda practicar hasta que pueda crear animaciones tan consistentes como esta gacias otraves.
se despide el Cuervo.

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Jun 25, 2008
2:59 AM EDT
Comedy - Original