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Frog Feast

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Author Comments

Use your mouse to aim the mouse, and click the mouse button to shoot your tongue.

The further away the fly is, the more points he is worth.

Catching the same color flies consecutively gains you a multiplier.

Catching multiple flies with one shot of the tongue gives you a bonus.

Green flies replenish health!

Catch the speedy fly for a 25k bonus!

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good game!!!!!11!


It is worth playing for a bit, but it can get boring really quick. I suggest you add a few unique features. First of all, make there be a predator of the frog that you have to sometimes avoid. Also, maybe give it some catch, like making it so there are power-ups or things that will make the game harder, such as a gust of wind making the flies harder to catch.

Overall, though, not bad.

MaxManning responds:

Thanks for checking it out!

Not bad realy

This game was ok. Its not bad. PLus I like how you respond to everyone's comments! FTW! Keep it up buddy!

MaxManning responds:

Thanks Lavron!

Thanks for checking it out!


you need to work on the graphics a bit, and add some kind of new twist to the game this isnt exactly a new concept, but it was fun for about 2 mins so ill give you a 6

MaxManning responds:

Thanks! Sorry you didn't like it so much.

I like it

It's a good game, if you could improve graphics, it would be great!

Very nice, anyway

MaxManning responds:

Sorry about the graphics - I'm not an artist.

Glad you enjoyed the game!