Sprite A Day: 25

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Today's theme was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles !
Tomorrow's theme is Tetris !

How to Join tomorrow's
Dimensions : 400x200
Frames Per Second : 24
- No V-CAM's
- Name everything in your library to "yourname_1" , "yourname_2" , ect....
- you must use sprites
- only good parts will be accepted
- don't put any actionscript in your parts
- use streaming sound and not events

Once you finish your part PM me a link to dowload the .fla (make sure it's in flash 8 or lower and not cs3). Or contact me on an instant messenger.

aim - hypergoatmonkey
skype - meatwadsprite

If there is over 9 parts (excluding me) , then only the top 9 parts will be co-authored

*coldricepudding add me to your portal buddies list for me to co-author you*


Alright then...

Chaz-o - Pretty bad dude, sorry. The rape joke seemed like a copout. I liked the music and graphics, though.
Maddflash - Way too 'random' to even really laugh at. As a bit of advice, don't rely on songs to completely support your movies.
Dante - For some reason I couldn't stop laughing at the Kong. I didn't find any of the intentional humor funny but that character seemed so out of place it made me giggle.
Meatwadsprite - I want those 30 seconds back. I'm guessing Meatwad was kinda late on his part or something.
Supapeeves - Best scene of this whole collab. I watched it twice. No joke.
Coldricepudding - It wasn't funny, but almost better than everything else in this collection.
Rrool - Aahahhahhahhahaha what the hell. I have to admit that gave me a good laugh.
Emokiller - Kind of a bad joke but it could've been executed in a worse way. If five million people haven't seen that video it would've been funnier.
Stickmanslicer - Never do this again.

Overall, the SAD series suffers from the fact that, as talented as some of the authors really are, they choose such lackluster ways to showcase the works. I'm guessing the time limits kinda dampens it (unless these are all planned out on a forum or something) but most of the jokes are severely cookie-cutter and aren't even based on the original games enough.

I gave this a 5 cause Supapeeves and Rrool's parts were enough to give this a rating higher than 3. Other than that it was pretty lackluster.

My suggestions to make this better (or at least tolerable): Skip doing this as 'once a day' projects and make it weekly. Or at the least, every other day. Also, take a gamble dude, and just include all the parts. Maybe a scene you didn't like could've actually been considered good by others and would boost the reception this series usually gets.

In the end, I enjoy the idea. But it's packaging is rocky and needs to be sorted out.

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what song is that supapeeves? I hear it too much >_<

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I thought Dante was dead. Anyway, why didn't you co-author him? (Besides the fact that no-one seems to like him.)

review for Sprite A Day: 25

OK individual reviews... I don't do this often so you'd better be appreciative.

Chaz-o - 4/10. Ehh. Also, the South Park sound clip kinda ruined it.
Maddflash - 9/10. The best one. Good use of songs.
Dante - 3/10. Not really funny, sorry.
Meatwadsprite - 3/10. Uh, good idea I guess, but "great job"-esque endings suck balls.
Supapeeves - 2/10. What was the point of this? 2 points for animation, 0 for everything else.
Coldricepudding - 3/10. Oh goody, another sprite battle.
Rrool - 0/10. Why did you even include this.
Emokiller - 7/10. Probably the funniest, but seeing as the author did almost no animation I had to lower the score.
Stickmanslicer - 1/10. Long story short, it sucked.

Overall, it was pretty good for a sprite-a-day. No offense, but two good parts out of nine is above average for you guys.

Hmm, lets see here...

Chaz-o: 9/10! The ninja turtle slipping on the banana was funny enough. The best part was when he was screaming RAPE! Quite a funny scene.

Dante: 7/10! It was good. It wasn't really funny but I got something out of it since the Ninja Turtles love pizza.

Supapeeves: 8/10! I don't know why, but that was good. It was like an acid trip mixed with Ninja Turtles and the Earthbound characters. Damn, hahaha.

Maddflash: 10/10! I only got one word for the scene and that word is "Epic" Holy shit, that was good. Both songs were hilarious and the T-Bag at the end was genius.

Meatwadsprite: 3/10! Come on dude, use some originality. The "aww man" part was the best part of the whole scene. Not really that funny either. :/

Coldricepudding: 5/10! Ehh, I never really got the joke. The animation was good and all, but I wanna see funny next time.

Rrool: 6/10! Hahaha! I admit, you got a laugh from me but only at the ending since. I never expected that to happen.

Emokiller: 5/10! It made me smile but you need more originality. Video's aren't gonna cut it.

Stickmanslicer: 2/10! Kinda pointless. Purple screen with little animation of the turtles and crappy voices. Not too great. :/

As a combination of all your scores, I give you guys a total of 6. Ok Work guys.

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