Sky Skater (Final)

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Use Arrow keys to move. Do not get shocked by the electricity at the
ceiling more than 3 times and do not fall off the bottom. Try to survive as long as
possible. There are 6 different kinds of platforms.

FINAL VERSION: Fixed Sound, made some minor changes.


Nice :3

Lol it was fun and interesting... didn't really know what to expect.

Btw thanks for using my song

Interesting to a point

Platformer games are only so interesting but this game lives up to what is to be expected. Still, the thing that really brought it down to a 2 level rather than a 3 or four was the fact I cannot see my mouse to choose the menu options. Hopefully this can be fixed or changed. Still, a solid game.


I enjoyed this for a few minutes (Which is pretty good since i usually try a game one time and then go "meh"). I just feel more kinds of platforms would be nice,and you really need to include a jumping key or something,you can't actually reach platforms very well right now.

very good!

Nice and simple and fun I like it!

A good procrastination device

Simple gameplay and cute graphics make this a fun game to play, but there are also some things worth noting for improvement. The level design is random (I believe), in which I mean random blocks come up in random places. This causes problems when you have a cracking block on the far left, and the rest of the platforms rise on the right-hand side. There is a bit of luck involved with this game. There's no jump key either, so you have to hope that you can make it far enough. And a bit more variety with the platforms (like a couple more types, and differing sizes) would be a nice addition.

Still, the graphics are well done, the animation is good and the gameplay is so simple anyone can play it. Good for using up some spare time, and if you have friends around you playing as well it's intriguing to see who's the best/luckiest. A couple of improvements could have meant a top-grade flash, but it's still good nonetheless.

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3.44 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2008
7:39 AM EDT
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