Plane Jumping

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Yeah, this is my first flash movie.
And yes, i know this is a piece of shit.
But be gentle, this is my first try on flash. xD

Oh yeah, and if you are going to review, you can be offensive, say it sucked, it is crap, or whatever, but please, before saying that, say what i need to improve. The same goes to reviews that think my movie is good, or whatever.



needs sound animation was flawless but what next in other words you have impressed me especially since its you first submission but hey wait i have an idea wanna team up ive got the script you do the animation if not oh well lolz

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Caduman responds:

Maybe, making flash takes a bit of time, and i don't have that time that i need, so, it will take some time to make it. But if you want. :P
Thanks for the review. ^^


That was a pretty good movie for a first attempt, i know mine was alot worse. The graphics were pretty nice and the animation was pretty good. Not much to say because it was so short, but it was a good little clip of what you are capable of.
Keep up the good work!

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It's a good first flash but was a bit too short.

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Needs a little bit of music

This was a decent short. The graphics were okay, but you should make your next submission a little bit longer. Also next time put in music and sound effects, you should be able to find tutorials here in newgrounds if you don't know how. Otherwise this was decent but had no point to it.

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Add some sounds, make it a little longer. It's not a good idea to make your first flash shit.

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2.02 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2008
6:06 PM EDT
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