Plane Jumping

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Yeah, this is my first flash movie.
And yes, i know this is a piece of shit.
But be gentle, this is my first try on flash. xD

Oh yeah, and if you are going to review, you can be offensive, say it sucked, it is crap, or whatever, but please, before saying that, say what i need to improve. The same goes to reviews that think my movie is good, or whatever.


Don't be so hard on yourself!

For a first flash, this was very good. I usually expect a lot worse when authors say they don't like their own movie. Your movie was way better because you bothered to make backgrounds and color everything.
The bad parts about this movie are it's length, and the lack of sound.
Don't let my grade discourage you, put some more time in your movies and they will pass the portal with ease.

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Caduman responds:

Thanks, i'm not angry with you, you said what i need to improve and stuff, you just not go and: OMG CRAP SHIT OMG THIS IS JUKN OMG BLAMIT11!!1
So, your grade also don't discouraged me, it just motivated me of putting more work in the next work. ^^

See ya.

Needs a little bit of music

This was a decent short. The graphics were okay, but you should make your next submission a little bit longer. Also next time put in music and sound effects, you should be able to find tutorials here in newgrounds if you don't know how. Otherwise this was decent but had no point to it.

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i voted 2

i voted 2 because of following facts:
show, no sound, no story, graphics... kina okay.
but its okay for your first flash so keep going and melt the disadvantages

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I know that this your first try and all, but seriously, i consider this flash not worth of the portal. It's good for a first try though (few points). I have said many times, i dont care about the author's comments, i just review on the quality of the flash. Again, its good for a first try, but sadly i have to vote 1 on this =\


As far as flash movies go... meh. Realitively bad. For a first attempt on flash though? ALOT better than alot of stuff I've seen. Good first try. Just try to go with something either a bit longer or something with a story line even.

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2.02 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2008
6:06 PM EDT
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