Plane Jumping

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Yeah, this is my first flash movie.
And yes, i know this is a piece of shit.
But be gentle, this is my first try on flash. xD

Oh yeah, and if you are going to review, you can be offensive, say it sucked, it is crap, or whatever, but please, before saying that, say what i need to improve. The same goes to reviews that think my movie is good, or whatever.

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needs sound animation was flawless but what next in other words you have impressed me especially since its you first submission but hey wait i have an idea wanna team up ive got the script you do the animation if not oh well lolz

Caduman responds:

Maybe, making flash takes a bit of time, and i don't have that time that i need, so, it will take some time to make it. But if you want. :P
Thanks for the review. ^^

uhh huh...

well the animation was good. but why do i want to watch this>? it needs a reason to exist.

Animation was okay

But seriously, why bother submitting that? You said that it's a piece of shit; you could have at least added sound, some gag at the end, anything. It looks like the beginning to a longer project; you should have waited and submitted that.

Caduman responds:

I wanted to see what the newgrounders think about my movies, and to see what i need to improve in the next time.

sorry but NO

dude i thoght it was cool but sorry i sucked please make more work on the next flash u make

Caduman responds:

ok, but please, say what i need to improve in the next flash or something like that...


Your animation is fine. The figure exits smoothly. The silence is heavy, even white noise (air rushing past the plane) would be better.

However, you may be taken to task for meaninglessness. I know this represents animation effort, but a viewer demands effort on the story as well. In this case, the figure could have landed in a wood chipper or on a wedding cake.

Credits & Info

2.13 / 5.00

Jun 23, 2008
6:06 PM EDT
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