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When I had first heard of the Metal Gear Collab, I wanted in right away. Just before the deadline, I managed to finish "one" submission. I had two in mind, but I never finished my second. Seeing as there have been some problems with the collab thus far, I decided I mine as well not let my other submission go to waste. I thought I'd submit this very short animation to newgrounds :)

Keep in mind the animations were to be 5-30 seconds long, so this won't be very long, but I hope you enjoy either way (especially those who remember this famous scene in metal gear history :3)


That was funny.

It reminded me of when i played it at a young age. I got so freaked out! But... I was just, like, 9 was it?

Anywa- OMIGOD he's moving the damn controller!! Quick! DO SOMETHING!!!

sweet man

very short, but I just love your art, I love your animation, I love the look of the character, and it's just really great. I want to see more submissions from you. Wii are Sold Out was gold, and I'd love to see more length submissions - awesome job.

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I dont get it...

I dont get whats going on mostly because they talk to quietly. but since every1 else gave it a good review, im guessing its good.

Nicely done

Would fit in well for a collab. Would of liked to have maybe had a side view, so you could see him playing the game, would of been a little neater effect

Prett Good

I dont know why people are making such a big deal out of it being too short it was for a collab so it needed to be short. It made me laugh and sometimes flashes need to be short. I have seen some flashes that are funny but run for too long and then it just gets old. I enjoyed the flash and i think this should have been in the collab.

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4.20 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2008
4:00 PM EDT
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