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Nico-do 2nd - Kirbomix~

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Author Comments

NOTE TO ALL: Just as a heads up, this is not intended to be a cartoon, or a work of animation of any kind. This is essentially a flash player for an MP3 that I cut together and I made some funny pictures in a very short time to go along with it for those who might've wanted visuals to go along with it, as well as in tribute to the original chorus videos of Nico Nico Douga. This was done in three days time, just a small side-project because I felt like having some fun with a few friends of mine (none of which are professional singers). The reason no attempt at actual animation for this video was made because I'm too busy working on full-fledged projects that require more work than distractions like this.

...I'm also aware that you're probably not even reading this and therefore won't understand, which in turn will give you reason to berate me and bitch me out for something that is completely unrelated to what you're angry about. Oh well, such is life and such is this community.

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 HERE: http://www.newgrounds.co m/audio/listen/152888

Nico Mico Douga Medley 2nd Track ~ Kirbomix
--{Kirbopher, CZ-Backlash, Cailen Crow, Niro Rose, Anigen, Tomamoto, Rosey, Rina-chan}--

It's the sequel that nobody asked for to Nico Nico Douga Medley ~ Kirbomix! This time, to the "2nd Track" otherwise known as "Urakumikyoku"...includin g a whole cast of singers, many of which are of the Parody Rangers cast! I decided to make a flash player of this as well, in the style of the chrous-like videos of Nico Nico Douga fame. I know this isn't a huge deal like my ACTUAL animations, but I'd really appreciate if you were to give this a listen. I worked on this for three straight days, vocal directing everyone included in the project and working fast so that this wouldn't be TOO big of a distraction from working on the Parody Rangers feature movie. Like it or not, I'm sure you'll find SOME small amount of amusement out of it, be it the satrical lyrics, funny pictures to go along with each song, or maybe even the actual singing. Either case, had to get this outta my system. Have fun ;D



Don't read that title, it will not help.

The answer is, unsurprisingly, "NO!"...

Now that is what I call an ABSOLUTLEY DREADFUL flash cartoon! Well done!!

Firstly, there is NO ANIMATION!


This means I am reduced to reviewing the - at best- pitiful, lacklustre content.

The performances were ABSOLUTLEY AWFUL! And surprisingly some of these guys are quite well known voice actors/actresses.
Were these people even in the same room when they recorded their parts?
Everybody seems to be singing at different tempos! And in conflicting keys!
As a result of this I couldn't make out any of the lyrics and the scrolling subtitles didn't exactly help clarify exactly what I was supposed to be laughing at.

In fact, the only lyrics I did make out were some desperately defensive remarks obviously trying to counter-balance the bad reviews you knew you were in for from anybody over the age of thirteen;

"We don't really care what you think, lighten up - seriously..."

...or something like that...

You obviously do CARE what people think or else you wouldn't have been so quick to try and second-guess the audience!

In fact, the most amusing thing about this flash is the Author's Comments where you proudly state, "I worked on this for three straight days...".
Well excuuuuuuuuuse me, Your Majesty!! I can't help feeling that that tid-bit of behind-the-scenes enlightenment is yet ANOTHER attempt at damage limitation against those ungrateful sods who actually expect cartoons to HAVE EFFORT PUT INTO THEM!

Sorry, but I was not amused.

Graphics: Badly drawn still images drawn in an overused anime style with absolutely no attempt at animation. Well done!

Sound: Dreadful performances from people who really should have know better.

It seems that you had to compress the sound pretty violently to fit all this under 10mb and as a result the audio quality is crap.
But this leads me to ask why is the file still so big? Nothing happens!
And don't give me this "oh, it's 7 minutes long..." because you can easily compress a 7 minute track down to a 4mb mp3 without losing hardly ANY quality.

Shoddy production values? Surely not!!
This can be easily avoided if you spend more than "three straight days" on your efforts.

Think about it.

Anyway, there is really nothing left for me to review and I feel as though I've helped you enough as it is.

Still, this will probably get an award and be end up on the front-page regardless so I know that this review won't have much resonance with you or the fans of this kind of thing.

But you must appreciate that if you're going to insult people's intelligence then there will always be those who will take offence.

There's some debate, but overall people find this review helpful

What a horrible piece of shit.

The joke is on everyone who watched this to the end. The only enjoyment I got out of this piec of crap was imagining the people, who were involved with it, performing it at a school recital and the resulting horrible outroar from the crowd in the form of thrown soda cans and beer bottles. Most of the singers don't put any effort into this, the lyrics are shit and the music sounds like it was put together with duct tape. Absolute garbage. ^_^

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Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Jun 22, 2008
2:21 AM EDT
Music Video
  • Daily 4th Place June 23, 2008