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Samson's finest hentai stories. May be a little off-the-wall for some! Happy hentai fest, everyone!
p.s. I made this in like, an hour for the occasion



well, its funny is some veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy weird way. but its not my stile, so...

btw, what are the songs???

DrFishSticks responds:

Candyman by Aqua, Turn me On by E-rotic, Hips don't Lie by Shakira, and It's Not Unusual by Tom Jones :D dunno what the sexy samson song's called, s'off Benny Hill though

welly welly well

as the other dude said before......you have some real talent with this....if i were you...i would really really put my effort into making your next animation a god-like feature. because you can most likely do it. since my old computer blew up...you should really think about doing something like Super Sex Brothers......that was mine until whatever...use it my friend

DrFishSticks responds:

super sex brothers eh.... interesting :) I may use it sometime, cheers.
unlucks about your old computer :(

You have potential but....

This was really bad. You obviously have action script knowledge, so use it for something useful.

DrFishSticks responds:

already doing so my friend, got a game in the works

hentai fest eh? never heard of it

half an hour coulda been spent better u have artistic potential so why not create something more time worthy next time

DrFishSticks responds:

you clearly don't see the difference between spending half an hour making something hilariously shit and spending 100 hours on something good. Don't tell me what's 'time worthy' and what's not.

Heh heh

Good points:
-Screws over any horny hentai fans
-That guy dancing to Shakira was pretty funny
-Wario doing a cat. Wow. Maybe I'm just weird, but that was funny.
-Animation wasnt bad for half an hour, matched the whole atmosphere of the film.

Bad points:
-Hey that made me think... maybe some Star Fox hentai parody, lol.

DrFishSticks responds:

wario is clearly a filthy cat rapist :D glad ya enjoyed it

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Jun 21, 2008
4:45 PM EDT
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