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This is my first soundboard for the sole reason that I think soundboards suck, but I made this because of an inside joke. Nonetheless, everyone should still enjoy it! I originally wanted to upload this to the Audio Portal just with the original "NOO ETIN ON DA BUUS!" but it wasn't hight enough quality, so I made a soundboard. The story: Our old bus driver ("our" being Drazerclaw and I) got pissed at us if we ate on the bus, and she would yell at us, so behind her back I would start mocking her. Anastasia is one of the riders on the bus (the same one I dedicated the skating clip to in Pivot Sports Bloopers), and Andrew is Drazerclaw. I pray that the bus driver never finds this, or she'll kill me and sit on me. I almost made a ghetto rap out of this, but I decided it would be to racist, seeing as she's African American. One of the really funny lines I heard about was her asking one of the riders for candy, but I was absent for school that day :(. Anyway, enjoy! Thanks to Andrew for participation in the fun, cheering me on, and overall supporting the situation.

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could use some things.

if you had it be the bus driver from south park that would be awesome. otherwise it wasn't bad, except for the lack of choices.

Kwing responds:

I was absent on the one day that our bus driver said something really funny (so I hear), so it's missing one good one (It was the bus driver asking us for candy). Plus, the reason it's THIS bus driver is because it's a personal thing for me.

Where I get the idea of satire

The silence button doesn't work, and there are not a lot of sound buttons. Plus the quality of the audio needs a little work.

Kwing responds:

I don't have any audio editors. It's just Google Talk and Flash. The silence button DOES work, but maybe the submission was still uploading slightly when you were uploading it. As I told UndeadSlayerM, I was absent the day our bus driver said something really funny, and aside from that, she usually only said "NOO ETIN ON DA BUUS!" so yeah...