Bikini Tennis

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I hope you all enjoy this little time waster. The challenge for me in making this was to put as much difficulty and variety in the game and particularly what she says without driving the file size over 300k.

Due to the nature of this game, I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you MAXIMIZE the game window when it opens. That way you won't accidentally close the window or initiate pop-up while trying to hit the ball.

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Tab, space. Tab, space. Tab, space. Tab, space. Tab, space.


Meh, there really wasn't much to this one. The only interactivity was clicking the ball, which was extremely difficult to do unless you knew in advance where the ball went, and even then it didn't work half the time. pressing a button at the right time instead would have made this game playable. Not much in the graphics or sound departments either.

Very good game, but why so hard, I just w ant to fuck her??? Next time try harder Zapp Brannigan (btw, ripoff of futurama!)

Outstanding! Can you make a version just like this, except with Rarity????

I choice not to play with you, for you do not Have my barbecue chips, which help filter out the endless zombies that pour in from the gaping hole in my coach.