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Reiko - The Piggy Bank

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Little Reiko shows off her amazing new piggy bank from Japan!

Contemplating Reiko is a flash cartoon and comic strip series on Tainted Ink.com!


Love the series

I may be late to the series but I already love it. It is so funny...in a sick twisted kinda way. I think it is very well made, but can be block at times. Yes it can be hard to hear Reiko, or the 'goth girl' as some people put it. But it isn't THAT hard to hear! This is a great series that should be kept alive for many years to come. (or until the animator gets bord of it)
And I personally love this series because it saved me from becoming a normal SANE person! So THANK YOU for savein my INSANITY!!!



um ok

why didnt the asian girl die?

I have one of those pigs.

i just stare at it. and it gets me asian chicks
oh and mine is white.

I dunno bout you guys but..

I think it was AWSOME!! XD I showed to my mom and said "Can I have one of those?" She's all like "NEVER!!" and I'm still trying to get her to buy me one :P Then I showed it to my bro and he laugh just as myself XDD

You dudes don't seem to see the funny thing in the whole part ^3^ But I think it's sure worth 10/10!

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3.41 / 5.00

Jun 20, 2008
1:32 AM EDT
Comedy - Original